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Who are we?

Chrissy and Stevo

Chrissy and Stevo, 2 random people, friends for 15 years and then…so much more.  Our relationship is one that not only allows open communication but encourages an honest, uninhibited dialogue.

Stevo can build, fix ANYTHING, loves to entertain and is a big picture visionary whereas my strengths lie in taking care of people, cooking, writing and the marketing and logistics.
Between us we have 4 kids, and we continue to open their eyes to the world outside their door (whether they want to or not lol).

What makes 2 people living a comfortable life with good jobs, a beautiful home on the water and seemingly everything going for them want to pick up and leave?
We asked ourselves this very question, because we SHOULD have felt fulfilled right?
‘No’ was our answer.

In one of our heart to hearts we posed the question “What do we want to do with our lives”?  Acknowledging that we are both in our 40’s (give or take) and the things we most desire require our physical and mental health as well as strength, we did the math and it said ‘Do it now’.

Why are we doing this?
I guess mostly because we can!  Our kids are more in touch via text and Facebook then actually hanging out with us (which we realize is part of growing up).  The times when we’re altogether are precious.

In a nutshell:
1.  We are nomads at heart carrying an undeniable thirst for adventure, travel and the unknown.
2.  We are getting older and so is everyone around us, our window of opportunity grows shorter with every passing day.
3.  We have a unique opportunity to do this right now – and we’re going to go for it.

What is it exactly that we’re doing?
We are exploring the world and sharing this experience with others in one form or another or maybe we won’t – we don’t have all the answers.

Here’s what we do know, time moves too quickly to allow anything but 100% of your active presence.
Maximize your time here on the blue marble.
Lead by example.
Collect moments not things.
Do the best you can with what you’ve got at that time and you will never have regrets.
The ‘Universe’ is a thing, be kind and act honorably and you won’t get cosmically smacked 🙂
Don’t waste another minute on people who do anything other than lift you up – those people are your tribe and you theirs.




25 thoughts

  1. Congratulations Guys!!! We being a little bit older went North and built our dream home. We are now enjoying our seclusion. Hoping to see pics throughout your adventure. Peace, Bill + Elizabeth


  2. The adventurer in me is so excited for both of you, If you ever make it down FT Myers way I plan to visit our place down there throughout the winter, would love to see you, be safe, watch for sharks and Pirates.


  3. Good Luck and congrats on your new adventure, exciting to say the least. Looking forward to following your days to come, enjoy , play safe, have fun!
    Dave Grant


  4. Way to go guys! Wishing you every success and safety in your journey ahead.
    Will be logging on to follow you so keep the stories coming.


  5. I will enjoy following your blog and adventures. It will be both good and difficult to see how cruising in the Caribbean has changed in the last 15 years.


  6. Chrissy & Steve ~ LOVED our time in St. Thomas! You guys are awesome! We’ll be thinking of you both & wishing you safe travels! We just returned back to our reality in cold DC! UGH!!! Bobbi & Daryl


  7. The vacation of our lives! Thanks so much Chrissy and Stevo…we are shivering away in Toronto still looking at our pictures to keep us warm.
    Mark, Ayala, Orli, Arielle and Eden


    1. Thanks Ayala!
      Captain Stevo and I only provided the boat, mother nature took care of the entertainment but it was your family’s energy that maximized this vacation 🙂
      We had so much fun with you guys!


  8. Nice meeting you in Santorini! My sister and I were on a vacation and talked to you looking over the ocean, having drinks as the sun set! Enjoy!


  9. THIS BLOG IS A DREAM! Beautifully shot photography, honest and funny (and at times harrowing!) writing and it is definitely giving me the “Urge for Going” as Joni Mitchell wrote…Gosh does your blog ever warm up a cold Canadian December! Stupendous!!!xo


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