knot anchored

What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!


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Inspiration, perspiration, love and dirt!

I have to say this has been the best summer ever.
As Canadians we all know too well how quickly the summer comes and goes.
Well we haven’t wasted one minute of it this year!

The work in progress.

Our little friend the orange digger.


We’ve been busy! Continue reading

BBQ Expectations are high on the long weekend

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It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you plate the food!

This summer is screaming past so quickly – is it just me?

Remember the days when summer felt like an entire lifetime and you actually started looking forward to going back to school and seeing your friends?

Incidentally those were the same days that ALL the stores were closed on Sundays and that meant calling someone on the telephone which was attached to the kitchen wall and making plans to GO OUTSIDE and ride bikes or something while you stretched that twirly phone cord around the kitchen into the living room and probably around your body.

Childhood days revisited

Yes – that’s me the bald one on the left (long story).

It’s a generational thing – I may have lost some of you on the whole twirly cord thing! Continue reading

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I am going to make YOU so popular!

Canada Day and Memorial Day weekend – be it at the cottage,  camping, or your backyard today is not just a today celebration.  It’s a whole weekend filled with smells from the BBQ, laughter from outside and the odd Bloody Caesar or even beer! Continue reading

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Boat Launch – A little help from our friends!

Searching for deals online is fun.
Going to look at all these ‘deals’ is usually not unless that is you luck out! Continue reading

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Burn Barrel Basics


I think everyone knows about burn barrels, you put wood in it and watch it burn – done! Continue reading

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What does the UK and a Cottage Dock Have in Common?


Woke up this morning heard about the UK breaking up with the EU on CBC Radio, stepped out the door to the mini deck Stevo made in 2 minutes the day before and well, noticed the deck. Continue reading


Planning the Ultimate Northern Getaway


For a good 8 months now we’ve been planning on what was going to go in this space. Continue reading

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Learning Something New (LeSoNe)

Nifty huh the 1st 2 letters of Learning Something New basically spell lesson…sort of.

We all learn something new everyday, at least that’s what ‘they’ say now let’s see if ‘they’ are right!
Feel , free to play along.

A ‘live floor’ is a house design term that basically means people will be walking on it – its not just an attic floor with no traffic.

Are we having fun yet

So if these people weren’t on the famous William Thornton’s (Willy T’s) floating barge in BVI this would be a live floor maybe even a live dance floor?!

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What’s been happening…

So we’re back in Canada.

Hanging out up north. Noticing every little thing around us. Like this beaver chewed tree on our waterfront. Continue reading