knot anchored

What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!

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Learning Something New (LeSoNe)

Nifty huh the 1st 2 letters of Learning Something New basically spell lesson…sort of.

We all learn something new everyday, at least that’s what ‘they’ say now let’s see if ‘they’ are right!
Feel , free to play along.

A ‘live floor’ is a house design term that basically means people will be walking on it – its not just an attic floor with no traffic.

Are we having fun yet

So if these people weren’t on the famous William Thornton’s (Willy T’s)┬áfloating barge in BVI this would be a live floor maybe even a live dance floor?!


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You NEVER know what the day will bring…

Island Time Knot Anchored Style

What’s better then chillin’ on the floaty island on a hot day?? Continue reading

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Reason to Get Knot Anchored #17 – Get the Party Started!

Are we having fun yet - Willy T's

Are we having fun yet – Willy T’s

Champagne at Willy T’s – why not!

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Cause we were in BVI…
Cause we had Champagne…
Cause we like to have fun…