Off to meet the kids :)

001It’s hard to tell by this picture but we did some major galley provisioning – FINALLY!  Filled the Subaru up inside and outside.  Not once, but twice!
The people at Walmart were torn between loving us (cause this is awesome) and hating us (cause it’s 5am in the morning and there’s NO cashier in the world who wants to deal with 7 cart loads right off the bat).
Everyone was smiling at the end of it.
You don’t realize how much stuff you had until you have to go and re-buy it!

Like I said we did that shopping 2x!
Now I felt …better.  I have my tools.
I think it’s safe to say we are both well equipped now.

And I have a new cool super light, top locking crockpot!  Already made pulled pork, meatballs and minestrone LOVE IT!
002Here’s 1/2 the cache! OMG I don’t think anything anyone’s going to starve.
Not shown is a large coolers worth of veggies, a jammed freezer of meat and all the dairy in the fridge.

There’s other news too.  For the first time since we got the boat Steve has allowed another tradesperson on board.
Steve has come to terms with the fact that he cannot do upholstery …and he’s colour blind!  Once Sam (the upholsterer) started making templates for our new cushions  Steve knew this was the right guy for the job.


While we are away on our family get together, custom cushions are in the works.  This girl needs some new duds!
When we come back, it’s gonna be a whole new boat!

Going back through the 3rd avenue bridge at 7am tomorrow and off to the Bimini’s to check in and then Freeport to meet our kiddies!

Did I mention we got an ice maker – love the ice maker!!  Ice is your friend in this heat!



3 thoughts

  1. You are the crock pot queen honey! Have a blast with the kids! Enjoy the heat it’s already like fall here! Happy sailing!


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