Plane Crash Berry Islands, Bahamas

No we haven’t left Fort Lauderdale yet.
1 more week.
In the meantime we keep the faith by reflecting on our Berry Islands trip with the kids…cause it was fun!
Right now we are nose to the grindstone getting everything that needs to be done finished.
It would be helpful if Steve stopped having all these great upgrade ideas but nope…they keep a comin!This little video is a snapshot of our Berry Island trip.
Everyone took turns taking the dinghy out to explore the coves too shallow to get to with the catamaran.
Some were seriously shallow as you saw.

This plane wreck was marked on our charts as a reef.
When we initially set out, with visions of lobsters dancing in our heads, it was to bring home some awesome lunch!

No lobster but wow quite an adventure.
This plane has had to be in the water for 15 to 20 years.  From the shape of it, it must have suffered a horrific crash.
Appears to be a large vintage twin engine plane?

No there were no skeletons.
Creepy thing is when the water levels dropped with low tide we could see the tip of it sticking out of the water.
So close it was impossible to not wonder…what happened there?


5 thoughts

  1. there are a few crashed planes around normans cay, thanks to the islands former role as a drug transfer strip for the infamous Carlos legder


  2. In 1983, I was living on Great Harbour Cay. I remember seeing a twin engine plane in the water that had crashed just off Cistern Cay. I had thought it was a DC-3. I believe that two pilots were killed. There were bales of weed floating in the area after the crash.


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