Weeks of hard work brought us to this!


Our time here in Fort Lauderdale has been used wisely.  The materials, parts, resources and talent in this area is indisputable and we have taken advantage of all of it!It’s hard to believe that 1 month ago we sat pouring over a million different fabric options in hopes of finding the ideal combination for our boat.  I’m not gonna lie it’s an overwhelming process.  Once decided you HOPE that:
a)  It’s going to fit the vision you had for the catamaran.
b)  The professional you entrusted is worthy of such a feat and will meet your expectations.

We found Sam through a Google search.  He was the only person who said he could take this project on and came down to the boat within the hour to confirm this.
We immediately felt comfortable with our decision.  This was a HUGE project and included the cushions, sail and sail bag.

Sam and Roberto did an amazing job taking it from this:

To this:
The workmanship and attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Thanks guys 🙂

Another HUGE part of Knot Anchored’s transformation was the graphics.

We went from this:

To this!


Nauti Buoy is NO MORE!

Hello Knot Anchored!

Mario was the man with all our graphics, great work!

Spent a lot of time with Mario who also took care of our indoor graphics.

So let’s recap, here’s what we’ve done in 4 weeks time:
– Added a water chiller, water maker (40 gallons/hr) & an ice maker (30 lbs/day)
– Upgraded Salon TV
– New outdoor cushions, sail bag and sail trim
– Added Wifi booster
– Upgraded Yeti with a chilling plate so no ice needed
– Converted useless cooler space to an additional fridge
– Got rid of the swim platform and added a dual purpose bbq/serving station
– Beefed up supports (davits) to handle a bigger tender
– Upgraded electrical panel
– Added all new shower heads in the cabins
– New rain hat outdoor shower
– Installed a keg beer system
– Customized the cabins with graphics and tailored sheets and comforters
– Outdoor graphics and striping
-Custom LED lighting (interior/exterior)
– Added outdoor speakers

Whew!  Now let’s get the heck outta here!!!

9 thoughts

  1. Bye Bye Nauti Bouy ~ H-E-L-L-O Knot Anchored! She’s a beauty, just like her owners.
    Green is a great colour choice ~ time to go and make some greenback!

    Bon Voyage ~ Enjoy the Exuma’s


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