Ocean World Marina – Dominican Republic

Luperon morning
Good bye Luperon!!  This is us leaving.
To be honest, it wasn’t ALL Luperon’s fault…There were many factors involved in our decision to never return to Luperon.
The Atlantic was hard on us that night and after that I blame my imagination completely – not Luperon.

Hey if we were near there when a hurricane hit we would definitely head right on in there!

Hard to believe these are the same waters that smashed us around the night before.
Hard to believe

It was a beautiful calm morning.
The Dominican is a beautiful mountainous jungle, so different from the flats we’d sailed through in Bahamas and Turks even.

mountainous Dominican Republic
Just 3 easy peasy hours and we were there.

Ocean World Marina
This is a marina capable of handling the most serious of mega yachts.

Left our mark where we get diesel cause everyone else does!

DR Sticker

They’ve thought of everything here, you could just stay here and be entertained easily.


The big building you see has a night club on one floor a casino on the other, a five star restaurant, swim up pool, Las Vegas style shows, an aquarium / bird park a café – EVERYTHING.

We were the first boat there of the season.
Just us.
It was weird.

It gave us a chance to unwind and Steve a chance to make up strange new ideas for the boat.

Stevos fishing chair
And no that chair wasn’t permanent!
But you never know…

So we explored this very upscale deserted place.
deserted swim up bar

Like the swim up bar.
deserted dining room
Deserted dining room.

deserted lobby
Very quiet outdoor lobby by the pool – very quiet!

deserted booking office
Here I am booking no one for the show that plays…some days but not others?!

deserted cafe
Café that’s just empty – but open for business. Any time now the big boats are coming…

You get the idea, it was quiet and all ours 🙂

We did manage to catch up with the in house Las Vegas show BRAVISSIMO.
Got all dressed up.

found Dory
I found Nemo in the lobby 🙂

Going in we had NO idea what to expect.

The show included dinner (5 course meal, champagne glass in hand as you walk in) in that deserted dining room.
It was first class!

The dancers from the show come down to give out the menus:

They were dressed up as nursery rhyme characters – not sure why…

The show was 2 hours long and it WAS Las Vegas style – wow.
Lots of talent happening here.
Great night.

The next day we rented a car and drove around in circles looking for the spectacular waterfall.
No luck – it was like the fish guy in Turks all over again.

Went into the hills on a winding road.
There were little pockets of homes along the road, in between nothing, for a long way.

Everyone was cleaning, laundry hung out, sweeping the walk.
It was everywhere and everyone. Then I put it together.
The garbage that burns all over the island virtually all the time leaves black soot on everything and everyone.
NOW it made sense.

Questions come through your mind when you see the way others live.
Clearly there were multiple people living in 1 to 2 room homes.  Some looked temporary others cement block.
Generations living together I guess?
Then building for the next generation.
No privacy.
Did they have television?  If so does that make them want a different life or is it just ‘the way it is here’.

There are no TV shows that depict their way of life.
It’s like the models in the magazines who none of us look like (even them thank you photoshop).

What do they talk about?
No swimming that I could see.
Who do they date?  Have they met anyone they don’t know?
No restaurants for MILES.

I would love to know what they do for fun here.
It’s remote, beautiful and very very clean!





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