Let’s go to St Croix!


Not unlike packing up for a weekend at the cottage…When we were home (Toronto) we, like everyone else, would plan to do SOMETHING on the weekends.
Get out of the city go to the cottage.
Go downtown and check out what’s happening.
It’s no different here.
Our choice is St Croix a 6hr sail from St Thomas which of course begins with the inevitable grocery shopping.

So we make a list, git ‘r done and load Lil Anchor (the dinghy) up.

St Croix is part of the US Virgin Islands but no one really knows or talks much about it.
There’s no ferry service between St Thomas and St Croix – weird right.

We head over with this information:
– it’s larger than St Thomas
– there’s no nightlife
– it’s really laid back
– the snorkeling / diving is tremendous here
– and there seems to be a push to revitalize the music scene here.

As soon as we leave Red Hook, St Thomas we get into it.
00225 knot winds, looming clouds but you know what, it feels great to be moving again.
There’s something about hitting the open ocean and going into the unknown.
It’s the same feeling everyone gets before heading out on vacation to somewhere they’ve never been.

We are a self sufficient touring mobile.  We can go anywhere and still be …at home!

The winds have us sail right through at 8 knots (11mph or 14 kph).

The skies clear.

And we’re treated to the very rare sight of a Sun dog. The scientific description of this phenomena has something to do with ice crystals in the atmosphere.
The romantic version of the Sun dog is that it’s a sign of great things to come.
There are many examples but I am partial to the War of the Roses one that took place in 1461.
The commander of the overwhelmed and frightened army saw the Sun dog and told his troops that this was a good sign – and they won the battle.
See way more uplifting than ice crystals right?

We take care of some loose ends while underway.

004Or should I say bird’s nests!

Just as we approach Christiansted St Croix we saw dolphins.

Actually they saw us.  They were so far away from us when we spotted them initially they looked like flying fish (which are itty bitty fish that well – fly).

See the video here.

Got into the harbor anchored just before the next sprinkling of rain came to wash all the salt off the boat and give cats on boats some fresh drinking water.

007Cats on boats always catch my eye.
Dogs are a dime a dozen but cats…animals that traditionally hate water surrounded by water.
Seems somehow out of place yet I know that historically they were on many a boat to help keep the rat population under control and when food got scarce and times got dire well…you know.

008This is our neighbor Lark.  Pretty old doll.
We will be watching her carefully as we swing with the currents and wind as she is the closest to us.

This is the main boardwalk area.

009Looks brand new and not a splinter to be had by bare feet ANYWHERE!

As we roam the streets the ‘look and feel’ of the place is a blend of Cozumel, New Orleans and Cuba – very chill.

Stop to have lunch at a small storefront with 3 tables for eat in and a sandwich board that captures our hearts promising ROTI’s!

011The décor is well  – eclectic let’s say.

012But the ROTI and macaroni pie is delicious and we devour it!

Stevo found this light switch / paint job amusing.

013It’s VERY well painted not sure if it is at all switchable at this point!

We find hints of nightlife along the way…

014Hey who doesn’t love a good ole fashioned Angry Hour?!

Heading back to the dinghy we hear music – live music!


These guys played everything from Johnny Cash to Kenny Chesney on a makeshift stage above rental bicycles in the garage of a scooter rental shop complete with  bar and “Bonus Rounds”.

Bonus rounds are called by the owner Phil randomly.
That’s when everyone in the bar get’s a shot of Fireball.
You see Wheel of Fortune sends people to St Croix as a prize and one of the winners showed up at the Scooter / rental / bar.
Everyone got a pic with the lucky lady AND a Bonus Round!


It’s Christmas here all year long 🙂

017This beautiful lady came along with a shopping cart of hats just when I needed one!

St Croix is historically beautiful, the people are friendly, the streets are clean and there’s country music everywhere! Yee Haw!!

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