Mustique – a Fantasy Island


Mustique is a unique and beautiful paradise, a private island adorned with celebrities yet accessible to you and me…sort of.IMG_0208
Mustique is a privately owned island.
Mick Jagger, Shania Twain, and the Royals to name a few all have property here.

The rich and famous have to have somewhere to go to right?
Well some found their paradise hideaway here.

There is some exploring that can be done by golf cart on your own or you can get a driver to take you on a tour of the island which basically means a who’s who of the mansion villas circuit.

If you’re into that.

There’s the local coffee shop Sweetie Pie, very cool spot to start your day with a coffee and some fresh baked pastries watching the fishermen and grounds people getting organized.

Within uphill walking distance is this boutique hotel, the Firefly.


The views from here are spectacular, overlooking the bay overtop of lush tropical forest dotted with explosions of color from all the flowers.


The story of how this place came to be is pretty cool.
A sailor came into the harbor and basically fell in love with the place.
She looked up the hill from her sailboat and said ‘that’s where I’m going to build my house, so I can always lookout and see my boat.’
And she did just that.
The main bar area is her original house.
It’s a small area with stone walls and windows bursting with the jungle beyond.

It has this very old time traditional feel to it, like you expect the wait staff to be walking around with napkins draped over their arms and people throwing back their heads in laughter whilst consuming martinis in candlelight…
You get the picture.

Our bartender was a young man who grew up here.
There are only 60 locals living on the island.
You can’t live here if you don’t have a job.
There is a school which caters to let’s say 15-20 kids.
High school is done on St Vincent which he confirmed is a huge culture shock.

When asked if he’d met any celebrities he just laughed and said too many to mention.

There are a few guest rooms here available and  have apparently been frequented by Ron Mclean and Don Cherry (the suit guy) as the bartender called him.
So not EVERYONE has a villa mansion estate here!
Even we mere mortals could afford this place at $1,500 / week.

That’s the pool below (for guests).


These little guys are everywhere, they are the squirrel of Mustique!


They kind of blend in so unless they’re moving you can’t see them.


Stevo made a friend 🙂


On the advice of a local we head up the hill to The View.
Everything is uphill constantly reminding us (me) of our lack of cardio being on the boat.


This restaurant is run by Sandra.
It has an absolutely spectacular view of the bay and the food…


Homemade and so good!
A feel good story really.  Sandra loved to cook.
Always did.
She started to cook for friends and neighbors out of her tiny apartment.
Everyone loved Sandra’s food, she had a vision.

Now after many years of hard work she has The View.
Perched up high on a hill, she continues to serve the locals as always through a takeout window.
However now everyone has the option to go inside and chow down whilst watching the news or HGTV, which seems popular here.

Seriously – what a view.


See Knot Anchored out there?

On our last day we were given the ‘lockdown’ warning which means some famous person is coming in and movement around the island will be restricted among the ‘non famous’.

Super…at least they can’t take our sunsets away sheesh!

It was definitely time to move on from here!

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