Downtown Grenada – St George


This is St George’s harbor, this was our view while anchored here.

It’s just as beautiful here at night – amazing sunsets.


This is downtown Grenada.  You want for nothing here, it’s got it all.


There’s 3 supermarkets, a huge farmer’s market, a chandlery, variety stores, art galleries etc…

The only level walking area is right at the water.

Everything else is an uphill climb from there as you wander around.


Big, potentially beautiful houses abound left to be taken over by the trees and crumble slowly.

This is the new way to provision, big name grocery store and farmer’s market to the left.

This was how they did it in the old days.

Here’s the abandoned Meat Market, Lairs and Abbatoir.  All in super creepy disrepair.

I look at this place and think wow great setting for a horror movie or wait maybe a nice craft brewery?


SOMETHING could be done with it besides this.  It’s right on the waterfront.

Speaking of craft brewery’s…

This isn’t one … but wow look at the size of that beer stein.
It’s actually bigger then Stevo’s head!

Action shot!

This place is cool.


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