The hills are alive…with puppies?!


Sometimes you meet the most interesting people and sometimes…they take you on the most awesome adventures!

Our neighbors in the Tangiers apartment we were renting while in Morocco are THOSE people.

It turns out they have a dog refuge about 2 1/2 hrs away from Tangiers and guess who got invited to tag along on a visit?   Yes!

First a little about the McConnell Dog Refuge and how it came to be.
Someone was poisoning the dogs around the area of our apartment.  On Tuesday June 19th, 2015 6 of the dogs succumbed to the poison.
One of which happened to have five 3 week old puppies. Two other survivors also had puppies.
The need presented itself.
The McConnell’s rose to the occasion!

Here you see us with Mohammed.  IMG_7081.JPG

Mohammed owns the property the dogs live on and takes care of them.
He has to be in his 60’s.
I say that for a reason.

This is Stevo and Ryan (our neighbor) ready with a bag of dog kibble and a bag of leftovers from a local restaurant who donates to the cause.IMG_6824.jpg

Look down the hill behind Stevo.
That’s Mohammed skipping down the rugged mountainside with a 40 kilo bag of kibble on his shoulder!
This was the last time we would see Mohammed until we actually arrived at our destination 15 minutes away!


Say what you will but that is one spry Mountain Man!
Stevo and Ryan held their own as well!

Welcome to dog nirvana…


This is where these lucky dogs get to live out their lives after a less than favorable start.

These are the mountains near the popular tourist destination of Chefchouen, the blue city.


They love it here and we loved visiting them.


Our lives at this point, were not conducive to having a dog.
So this was a great way to get our fix!


It doesn’t get better than this.


This is Mohammed handing out their restaurant treats.


They all have names and they all listen quite well to Mohammed’s instructions – their fearless leader!

We say goodbye to all our new friends.


And head back up the mountain.


Nice people doing a nice thing for no reason other than their love of dogs!
If you like their story, like them on Facebook at The McConnell Dog Refuge.

If you are so inclined why not donate to the cause as this is a self funded labor of love.

Good people are everywhere, and if you’re lucky they’re your neighbors 🙂



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