Chicken Soup for your Soul and Belly

chicken soup bowl, cutting board
Not going to say it’s THAT time of year but…itsthattimeofyear!Thanks to daylight savings here in Canada we can all look forward to looking out the window at 5pm and seeing – nothing, pitch black.
And it just keeps getting darker earlier.  Damn it!
I personally feel this whole Daylight Savings should be revisited and scrapped, but that’s just me and everyone in Canada so whatever.

I love soup and when I get it down 100% its a real accomplishment for me and those eating it.
This here is a perfect example of simplicity in motion.

pot of chicken noodle soup, log, lake, outdoors
You will feel happy.  Your people will be happy.
Your home will smell divine.
Now go – get happy!

chicken soup recipe


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