knot anchored

What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!


Well a year has gone by…time for us to get Knot Anchored!

If you had told us a year ago of all the things we would accomplish, all the things we would learn but most importantly all the people we would meet we would have said ‘yeah sure’.

But we did all of that.  It’s been that wonderful.
The people we’ve met have enriched our lives in ways we never knew possible.
We learned something new from each group.
For this we are #grateful!

Knot Anchored has taken us through storms and we’ve come out the other end feeling confident in the ability of this boat to perform in some not so favorable conditions.

We’ve gone all through the Bahamas, seen Turks and Caicos and Dominican Republic and settled in nicely in the USVI / BVI area.

That’s pretty awesome.

We are a part of a community that not only supports each other but lifts each other up.
It took a while to wrap our heads around it but wow how refreshing.

Now it’s time to do some more exploring…

Off we go down South(er) to see St Lucia, St Vincent, The Grenadines, Martinique, Grenada, and one of our favorites – Trinidad.
All the islands in between, we’ll be hitting you too!

Our first stop is St Lucia to spend some time with our kids.
We’ve never been so it will, no doubt, be an adventure as were the Berry Islands, and BVI.

It’s funny how quickly we ingrain ourselves into the fabric of a community.
We went from not knowing anything to feeling at home.

Now we’re going to do it again.

Something somewhat historical happened yesterday.
Stevo donated his hat to the Ocean.
We all know the hat.

hat collageWhen he wasn’t wearing ‘the hat’ he was wearing the pirate gear lol!

So as we head off (hatless) on our little adventure be patient as we will once again be at the mercy of others internet (not looking forward to that)!

Back to BVI in October some time.

Will keep posting as we go.
Happy summer everyone!





Luperon, Dominican Republic cont’d…

Calm seas

So we left off with, we’re tired…

Once we got into the Luperon Channel the wind dropped to 3 knots – wow! Continue reading


Dear Atlantic Ocean, why you gotta be so mean!

Leaving Turks - Copy
A weekend in Turks and Caicos eh – how awesome is that.
This was one of the places we actually bothered to take time out and be tourists.
We came.
We saw.
Now it was go time again. Continue reading