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What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!


Euro Tour – Praga

We were looking for super old areas of Poland – Warsaw comparatively is old however it’s a rebuilt old.
Praga did not disappoint!
Almost every building we saw was or had lost all its balconies due to age.


When you start researching this place it basically tells you its the city on the wrong side of the tracks in the midst of a revitalization.


Go – by all means.
Just know this used to be a crime laden area.
It’s fine now, just keep your eyes open. Lol.

So what that does for us is intrigue us more.
We grab a cabbie.
‘Praga?  I take you there, give you a tour then you decide if you want to stay.”

We’re thinking ooo this is going to be good!
We stayed.

It was the first day of school in what is a working class neighborhood.

Back to school Praga

Parents holding the hand of what appeared to be Minion back packs with legs!

Side note:  Every place we went to had wifi, everywhere, no password just here you go.  Awesome.

Did a Trip Advisor search and found a local pub 250 metres away.

Cool Pub Praga Poland

Side note:  Almost every place you go has pierogis – mmmm.
Side side note – I’m starting to look like a pierogi.

Eclectic interior with exposed brick under local traditional inspired artwork walking on Persian Rugs atop more Persian Rugs.

Inside cool pub Praga Poland

There was a backroom that was in complete darkness.  No, not closed.
Just people sitting together in the dark – I don’t know why…


This area has a cool vibe and a lot of live music venues, worth a revisit down the road for sure.

Praga – you were cool.


We headed back to Warsaw on the tram.


Check out this bank.


Pockmarked with the signs of a battle from another lifetime.
Quiet, daily reminders.

The streets here are immaculate.
Everyone is smoking their faces off yet you are hard pressed to find a cigarette butt or any litter AT ALL.

Looks like when you have all these building from forever ago you at some point, need to do a facelift.

I love the red brick.  Red brick is the equivalent in architecture that the black dress is in fashion.


That’s starting to go the way side here opting for a cleaner more modern look, but we all know what lies beneath, waiting…






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Euro Tour Day 2 – Warsaw

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Euro Tour Day 1 Warsaw

Well we left our cell phone on the plane so that was a sucky start but it’s been all up hill from there…

Here’s a snapshot of day 1:

Started  day with falafel and beer, needed grounding after the 9hr flight,  not apologizing that’s just the way we replace our electrluticals (yes a fake remedy to a fake malady).

Service everywhere has been  incredible. For everything. We want to send everyone home so we can always feel like this.

Ummmmm 4 to 1 exchange rate What!!!!

We have been up and down Novy Swiat twice. Basically a 20 min Blvd that takes you through a katrillion open air cafes and restaurants surrounded by castles…seriously!

And we have grazed the day away with:      pierogi, sangria, borscht, knushki, plazci and cabbage rolls. The last 2 in a 17th century building, in the dark due to a lighting storm …everyone just moved their candles closer to their food and carried on…welcome to beautiful Poland.

Jump into the Blue Hole Bahamas

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Running like we’re on fire!


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