Running like we’re on fire!


It’s time to start running again…Travel is a big deal for us and there isn’t a long period of time that goes by that we’re not planning or executing on a trip.

It’s basically a feeling you get like hmmm we need to go somewhere.IMG-20110928-00116

Shortly thereafter an email comes in from TravelZoo and boom we’re off!

When you travel, you stretch your mind and your soul.


The anxiety that accompanies any trip turns into the adrenaline that gives you those butterflies in your stomach and that fullness in your heart.

When was the last time you found yourself in the unknown?
I don’t mean in the Upside Down with a ravenous, gooey, bloodthirsty monster like the one in the Netflix series Stranger Things, just somewhere you’ve never been.

So there it is in our email –  TravelZoo.
I must say their offers are unique and hard to resist.

Travel Zoo

So we don’t resist.
Looks like we’re going to Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna and Prague.

Tour map
Original idea being just Poland.  Then came the email.
Thank you TravelZoo!

The trip itself is just an assortment of hotels and train tickets booked at 3 day intervals.
Booked through TravelZoo with TripMasters.
We are self directing ourselves through this Eastern European quadrant.
That’s how we roll.

Here’s the thing about travel, it’s not just about travelling.

It’s about accepting that there are things that are not within your control, shrugging your shoulders and moving through them.

Shrug it up

It’s about being surrounded by animated conversation and not understanding a word.

New Friends

It’s about the almost tangible echoes of the past that surround you while you explore those historically rich areas.

Porto Portugal

But mostly it’s about stretching th limits and notions of what you thought you could do.

Jump into the Blue Hole Bahamas

Here’s a question for you:
If you were told you had an undetermined amount of time left to live would you change the life you live now?

Funny how a change in perspective can alter your whole world.
So laugh more.

Porto Portugal

Judge less.

Look up.

Look Up

Talk to a stranger.

Hat Lady in St Croix, Virgin Islands

And follow your heart.

Dolphin spotting on Knot Anchored

You can never be wrong when you do things for the right reasons.
You WILL be rewarded.
It’s actually our job to live life to the max – it is our most precious gift.

And have fun – wherever you find yourself!

It’s time again for us to get lost and experience everything that goes along with finding our way.

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