It’s Just Stuff


This is our house.  It was filled with many things.  There are many great memories here.
They continue to live in our hearts.
The stuff is just …well STUFF.
I don’t consider us stuff people – we don’t prescribe to this or that season’s ‘must haves’.  Knick knacks fly out the door as soon as they come in.  So it’s surprising how much STUFF we have had to get rid of.  For me it’s a gradual process, I set aside, I evaluate, revisit and then usually get rid of it.
Steve just goes around chucking everything into the garbage.  The other day I found scissors in the garbage…

Embed from Getty Images

WHY I ask an empty room WHY?  Since no one is there the mellow dramatics of say Bogart yelling STELLAAAAA don’t translate so I move on.

The place is pretty barren save some beds and the aluminum boat the kids terrorize the Lake on – we call her the  Tinny.  Here she is last night on what I’m going to assume is our last voyage with her:
Last Boat Ride
The most annoying thing (besides Steve’s random acts of throwing away stuff we need) has been walking to the bathroom at night and actually manoeuvering  around furniture that is no longer there.  Funny how those automatic movements hold on.

Addresses have been updated and all the legal hocus pocus that goes along with this kind of adventure is ALMOST over.

After we eat this weekend we will not be doing any more dishes.

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Clean sheet day will be on hold temporarily as we will be official VagabondsEmbed from Getty Images

It will be exciting to get into the meat and potatoes of this adventure which includes a road trip with an old friend and some serious classroom time!


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