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What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!

On Mother Nature’s Schedule – Not Ours


Tropical Storm Bertha Radar

Tropical Storm Bertha Radar

As we excitedly counted down to our trip to The Bahamas to see the boat (which was supposed to be today) Mother Nature had other plans.
Tropical Storm Bertha has been approaching the Bahamas at the same rate we WERE  – she wins!

Although Steve and I were willing to fly in and see the gong show, unfortunately the airlines did not hold the same enthusiasm as we did.

So we are in a holding pattern in Ft. Lauderdale until Tuesday.  By then it should be merrily on its way north.
Hope our boat survived…


2 thoughts on “On Mother Nature’s Schedule – Not Ours

  1. So excited for you guys today!! How does she look???


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