knot anchored

What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!


And off we gooooo

Island Bound

We finally got off the dock! Weather seemed to line up just so, with forecasters predicting heavy lightning storms for the INTERIOR of Florida including Lake Okeechobee (of course).

Once underway The Gulf Stream was annoying as usual but the ocean was fairly mild in the wave department. We had a beautiful dinner at sea and we were thrilled to be on our way.

Then we started our usual night watch program around 8ish – 2 hours on, 2 hours off (sleeping). The sky that night was beautiful but also a little foreboding. Continue reading


I.G.G.Y. a visitor!

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IggyWorking away on the catamaran and look who decides to visit!

Sad fact – these lizards used to be abundant in the area.  One unusually cold fall killed off a significant part of the population. To the point that they were falling out of trees dead and damaging cars etc…

They were way bigger then this little guy, like small child size and bigger!


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Pic of the Day – Doggy Anchor

Doggy Anchor1
Just sitting here, working away on computer stuff and I notice out of the corner of my eye a boat waiting for the bridge to open.
This is not unusual because we are basically docked under the bridge.
It happens every day.

Look closer… Continue reading


Upgrades, visitors and adventure OH MY


Here’s catamaran Knot Anchored’s newest additions, Beach Babe and Surfer Dude.
They’re not just pretty faces, they serve an important purpose… Continue reading


The Yeti – ahhhh

FTL Weather

You know that saying, ‘It’s not just hot, it’s Africa hot’?  Well I think it’s ok to add Fort Lauderdale in place of the Africa cause this place is just roasting all..of..the..time! Continue reading


On Mother Nature’s Schedule – Not Ours

Tropical Storm Bertha Radar

Tropical Storm Bertha Radar

As we excitedly counted down to our trip to The Bahamas to see the boat (which was supposed to be today) Mother Nature had other plans.
Tropical Storm Bertha has been approaching the Bahamas at the same rate we WERE  – she wins!

Although Steve and I were willing to fly in and see the gong show, unfortunately the airlines did not hold the same enthusiasm as we did.

So we are in a holding pattern in Ft. Lauderdale until Tuesday.  By then it should be merrily on its way north.
Hope our boat survived…


Picture of the Day

Polar Bear Beach

This is sunrise on Lauderdale Beach with the last of the snow globes given to us by a very dear friend. Continue reading


As Real as it Gets

The Crew
I know what you’re thinking; this looks like a bunch of people getting ready to partake in some fun warm weather activity like boating or tubing.   What we’re really preparing to do is our in water rescue course. Continue reading


So You Wanna Work on a Yacht?

Post Box Philosophy

Funny the stuff you see on the side of Postal Boxes.  We saw this posting in Savannah while we were waiting to cross at the lights.
Bet this street philosopher didn’t think this would turn into a blog opener!
It’s true though and everyone should do this. Continue reading

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RIP AC – Day 5


This was not a surprise.  Our AC’s demise happened at noon in this non stop 33 degree Celsius weather in a Publix parking lot.  That scary noise we were ignoring became a scary smell and we pulled the plug on her or should I say pulled the belt off.

Alas this type of event DRASTICALLY changes your trip.  Driving is okish but sitting at a stop light is hot, that’s the only word there is for it HOT. Continue reading