The Launch


Our catamaran Nauti Boy needed some repairs before officially becoming Knot Anchored so we hung around the Bahamas for a couple of days. Once the final repair had been done it was too late to leave so Thurs Aug 6th became launch day!

When someone says they’re going to The Bahamas you conjure images of umbrella drinks and beautiful beaches right? We don’t have any of those pictures sorry – this was a work trip (as weird as that sounds) didn’t even jump in the water! Ain’t nobody got time for that…this time around!

It was a lot of blue skies and calm water (thankfully).

Blue Skies Blue Skies

We averaged around 8 knots, didn’t see much of anything in the way of other boats. This was traffic:
We did see what we thought was a tired dolphin, because he was really slow moving – for a dolphin.
Turned out to be a whale! A Blainsville Whale to be exact. Little guy.


See the dorsal fin?

Once night time rolled around, traditionally sleeping time, there was a twist.
When doing an overnight voyage someone has to be on watch at all times. It may seem like nothing’s going on out there until a stray shipping container pops up en route or a boat suddenly appears so a watchman or woman is needed.
Apparently auto pilot doesn’t mean go to bed.
So we didn’t. At the same time that is.
The night shift was split up by 3 hour watches rotating between our amazing broker and us.

It’s harder than you think – mentally. I can’t remember the last time we saw 3 o’clock in the morning!

Our broker definitely got the most challenging shift, dodging lightning and storms for one of his shifts.
Lightening is cool to watch anywhere but on the ocean it’s SPECTACULAR!
Did I mention we are sailing a 70ft lightening rod?

The next day everyone’s just tired… There’s no other words for it. Yes you got sleep but you’re not rested by any means.

That is until at around 8am when these guys popped up:

A pod of about 8 dolphins came over. Swimming under and just in front of the trampoline.


Awesome! They tilt their heads so they can look at the weirdos hanging off their boat that’s on auto pilot.
How can anyone NOT love these little guys?


It was definitely the boost we needed!

So we’re back in FLA, our temporary home the City Docks, River Drive. In order to get in they need to lift the bridges up – kinda cool.




River Drive is a long line of yachts right in downtown Ft Lauderdale.

Monster going by our boat. Can you say tight squeeze?


Another fun fact – Broward County was the origin of the very first pilot for the show COPS. Here’s where they put the bad boys.  The jail is right on the river city docks.


Being in jail sucks, but the view of people having fun on their yachts must make it suck more.

Anyways great parking!  See the Subaru 🙂


In the very short time we’ve been here we’ve learned a few things. Some obvious, ok all obvious!

  1. When you dock your boat in front of a high rise construction project you get concrete dust everywhere and it’s BAD!
  2. The first time you dock your new boat it’s ALWAYS a gong show. Very entertaining for others.
  3. Don’t rush – recipe for disaster, seriously.

Now it’s time to relax! For today anyways!

tramp sunset




6 thoughts

  1. Nice lookin ship.Hope you get all the bugs out before you do some serious sailing.Have fun and can,t wait to see her.


  2. Nice boat, you guys must be just so excited! Steve should be able to dock that boat must be similar to his deck boat, lol, enjoy and play safe!


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