knot anchored

What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!


Say hello to our new friend…Lisbon

Lisbon surprised us.
We were expecting…something more traditional in the way of atmosphere.  Like friendly old lady’s selling Nata’s (an awesome custard tart) and doilies with rooster’s on them. Continue reading


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5 Reasons to Choose a Family Vacation in BVI

What are we doing for vacation this year?


Mom, Dad what are we doing for Vacation this year?

There is no better family vacation than chartering your own private yacht and island hopping around the British Virgin Islands.  Continue reading

Reason to Get Knot Anchored #24 -Start having fun again!

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A is for Antigua and B is for Barbuda

With a new set of friends aboard and our sights set on BVI it was time to say good bye to Antigua. Continue reading

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Hey St Lucia Knot Anchored’s back!


It was inevitable, it had to happen, it was time to leave Bequia.
Tobago Cays and Bequia had found a solid spot in our heart’s memory.

Movin on. Continue reading

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Blue water and turtles everywhere!

Ahhh beautiful Tobago Cays, a smattering of little islands surrounded by the most brilliant blue water and oh ya TURTLES! Continue reading

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A Night Sailing we will go..

It was time to officially start the “sailing” portion of this adventure and the unknown so as creatures of habit we all found a spot on the yacht and made it comfy. Continue reading


5 Things You Should Know about a Catamaran Sailing Vacation

Whenever we have guests aboard we ask them “why / how did you decide to book this type of vacation”?

GOPR2869 Continue reading

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We Let the Ugly Ones Go!


Yesterday was a beautiful day to go for a sail… Continue reading

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Carricou Regatta Celebrations -fun new party game??

We are currently in Carricou. 

Yes a wee bit behind on the blog posts.  Stick with us.  They’re coming. 

Showed up last night to join in the celebrations of the Regatta.   Met up with our friends from Zero to Cruise to have a beverage and asked the waiter 

Why are all those people lined up on the ferry dock?

Apparently to see this fun competition:

  It’s called the greased pole competition.  Person to get out the farthest wins. 
Looks painful. Just saying!

There were other events last night like donkey races, strong man competition and my personal fave, catch the greased pig! 

We missed all those events but did dance the night away on the street with the kids, actually with everyone! 

 Oh ya and we laughed. A lot!  Great nite shared with friends.