Chubb Cay – Making Lemonade!


We decided to head to Chubb Cay because we knew it (from the kids visit) and there was an awesome little beach we wanted to revisit.

The beach didn’t happen but we did find a nice bay to settle in. Between 2 wrecks. You’d think it would be disconcerting looking at the bow of a ship sticking out of the water while you have dinner but alas no.
wreck view

A huge manta ray HUGE welcomed us and circled the anchor as soon as we got in, which was nice but I don’t really know anything about manta rays and am not really sure I want him hangin around while swim. He didn’t so that was fine.

The current moving in and out of this bay is crazy. I couldn’t get Steve out of the water.


He would jump off the bow and come barreling down the middle of the boat at top speed just grabbing on to a line before continuing along to the ocean.

I was watching him to make sure that didn’t happen!

We knew the tide schedule and planned on leaving at 6:30ish but it was still kind of dark so we pushed it off til 7:30.
We should have been good to go.

But nope we beached her.
We need 4.5 feet of water for clearance. We ended up with 4.4.
Here she is sitting on bottom.

beached catamaran

Here’s another vantage point:
Beached Catamaran 2Ya just hope that the keels can take the pressure.

So there we were.
Now it was a waiting game. As soon as low tide hits the water starts to rise, we didn’t need much.

What now?
Well seeing as we can stand up in the water beside the boat and the hull is exposed just so…
Let’s give her a good scrub down.

Making lemonade catamaran scrub

We did she looks like a new boat underneath now!
clean hull

By the time we cleaned her up and had breakfast we were floating again.

What do you do when someone gives you lemons (or you get beached) you make lemonade (scrub the hull)!

So away we went Rose Island for our next anchorage bypassing Nassau altogether.

bye bye Nassau

Chubb Cay to Salt Cay = 40nm
Salt Cay to Rose Island =5nm
TOTAL = 45nm



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