Oyster Cay to Saddle Cay / Island World

Boat view

Since we ran the generator all night for AC I also made bread.
Really bad salty bread, like a tortilla loaf or something.
Oh well keep our electrolytes going?!
Lesson: Pay attention to the ingredients when making bread.

Our initial thought was once again Norman’s Cay but meh we want to get somewhere early for a change and spend the day horsing around instead of getting somewhere just in time for 1 short dinghy explore and dinner.

Saddle Cay is the top of the Exumas.
It’s where you start to see that crazy clear water that we are bombarded with in commercials every winter. On the UW BeachWe decided on an anchorage that was right between an island and a crazy shoal that completely dries up in low tide.

Underwater beach

When you something like this you really appreciate the value of charts.
Imagine just lalalala tooting along and whammo you’re on an underwater beach!

On the UW Beach1

This was beautiful – straight up make you wanna cry natural beauty.

We hung out on that shoal for HOURS.
The sand here is ridiculous.
The water is warm.
And there is no one else around.

This was one of our first ‘days off’.
Every other day we were battling weather and fixing things.
That’s sailing though right?

Explored the island and came across this little gem called ‘Island World’
Island View

A cool multi-level bar in the forest perched above the clearest water with the nicest beach (even in it’s natural state).
Island World ViewClosed for the season.
This is its bay:

Island World Bay

Wicked. This place must be jamming when it’s up and running.

Even when the clouds come, which they do every day periodically, it’s beautiful!

Even when the clouds come

Saw a lobster snorkeling.

Caught a lobster. |
Ate a lobster.

Time lapse from ocean to plate – 1 hour!
Saddle Cay you will be missed – paradise!

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