Pet Sharks eh? Who knew! Compass Cay, BAHAMAS

best anchorage
Best anchorage – didn’t even feel a wave!
Not that wave’s feel bad, they don’t, it’s just a matter of the anchor. When you know that to be secure you can really sleep easy.
Got internet – finally! But we had to pay for it and by the time I said hi on FB and did a post on the website ZAPPO it was done. Does anyone really know how long 200mb lasts? Seriously just put a time limit on it sheesh.

Getting into the marina was nice and easy. There were channel markers all along the way.
Sometimes you ask a lot of questions when you’re coming into a marina like
“where is it”, “do you see the marker” etc…
Not here, very clear cut. Nice change.

This is a unique marina. There is no fuel here. I always thought the two go hand in hand?
The owner, Tucker, is tireless, constantly upgrading expanding and best of all maintaining.
The place is mint and everything is heavy duty enforced.

When hurricane Floyd came through here there were 6 boats in the marina and all were left unscathed by the weather.
Great hurricane hole.

Tucker has some unique “pets”.

Meet our sharks

There are about 4 or 5 sharks that hang out there as well as a ton of fish (big) fish.

Here's one of several pet sharks

The nurse sharks swim up onto the dock at high tide when it’s slightly submerged.
You can sit right there on the dock with them just chillin.
Or you can feed them shrimp.
Steve got in and sat with them.
I chose to just stick my feet in and pat them on the head.
Unfortunately did not have my camera with me at that time.

The one boat that was at the marina was a German family.
They have a place in Florida that they visit for a month every year and during that time they take their motor boat out to explore the Bahamas. On the back of their boat they have a swim platform that sits just under the water line.

Their 15 year old daughter was all freaked out about going on the platform after seeing the sharks chilling on their dock.
Dad was like ‘No, they won’t come up here”.
And sure enough…
These are nurse sharks, not even remotely interested in eating people.
If I had to describe them I would go so far as to use the word lazy.
Just tired of swimming around all day, all night.
How cool would it be to have a shark sitting on your tailgate?

Here is a shot of the marina.

Compass Cay Marina

Here is a picture of Tucker with Johnny Depp. pic

Tucker and Depp

As we found out later Johnny Depp has definitely left his mark on the Bahamas.
He’s one cool cat.

Anyways we too left our mark here too.

Compass Cay MArina window
We’re on the window.

KA sticker

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