A day in the life…what’s it like here?

I know everyone thinks we sit around sipping Mai Tai’s off the back of the boat all day but I’m here to dispel that myth.We’re just being the same Us we were in Canada only here…sort of.

When we find ourselves between charters we tend to vagabond about.
Wherever the wind blows or if there’s something going on somewhere we may, or may not show up.

BUT when we are in a port that has shopping nearby we SHOP cause you only have so much stuff in stock on the boat.

This particular day we found ourselves in Charlotte Amalie.
CA is the main port where all the big cruise ships dock.
Let off the passengers.
Unleash traffic chaos onto St Thomas.

So here we are in the dinghy, early morning, heading to town to shop.
Until we see this…


This is the Apple boat.  As in iPhone.
The sight of this boat just outside the dinghy dock, I’m not going to lie, derailed us somewhat from our shopping mission.Sh5What the…
Story goes that Steve Jobs commissioned a designer to create this masterpiece.
Unfortunately he passed away before the boat was done.  The dealer was to get 10% of the final cost of the boat.
The boat cost 150 MILLION EUROS.
You do the math.
Job’s family sent the guy a gold iPad, it didn’t go over well.

The boat was seized in waters somewhere until the agreement was fulfilled.
And here it is in Charlotte Amalie.


Which is going to make the rest of this article seem very not interesting!

Ok back on track, this is our parking lot – the American Yacht Club’s dinghy dock.


This is the street we walk down with all our environmentally friendly shopping bags.
Not a mai tai in sight…

Sh8This is a special cross road for us because the lights are more of a SUGGESTION rather than a rule.
We take this corner very seriously.

Sh9Up this hill we go to the Little Kmart, get some stuff but not nearly everything we need (that’s another post).
The plaza to the left is where Stevo gets a seriously cool straight razor shave at Hombres.
The place is awesome.
All business except for the 4 big screens streaming every sport going and the bar in the back with the pool table and slot machines…seriously!
They do an INCREDIBLE job here.

Sh10Well thanks for hangin in there this long…I know it was boring but here we are back at the Apple boat.

Yes that’s our reflection in the chrome…look closely!
Sh11That’s as close as we got to Apple boat, reflection in the chrome…
We’re good with that!


4 thoughts

  1. Your myth busting isn’t working Chris!
    I’d still rather be there with all its tedious day to day minutiae then in the “exciting bustle” back here… Lol
    Yep, gorgeous boat, that Apple thing.
    And if that fool Jobs would have had a little more faith in Western medicine instead of eastern mysticism and “alternative” therapies then he might have been able to stick around a little longer to enjoy it…
    But I digress, myth busting FAIL! wish I was there, sigh, now back to my emails… 😦 🙂


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