St John Day Trippin’

This is St John USVI – it’s calendar quality beautiful EVERYWHERE you go!We’ve been here a couple of times already and it just keeps getting better.

This island is basically a National Park.  Ruins galore.

Sugar Cane Mills.  A lot of plantations.  Incredible to see smack dab in the middle of the bush.

The construction of these structures is just amazing.  Seriously, no large heavy machinery to move, dig, build – how on earth did they do this…
What a feat.

The structure that is still left standing is wicked.
Reminiscent of some European homes and restaurants, old style construction that is not only functional but beautiful as well.

Let’s talk about the donkey’s living all wild and free.
Apparently when slavery was abolished they included the donkeys that busted their a$$ building all these settlements and carting everything and everyone around back then.


Now, the donkeys just do what they want.
It’s cool and weird at the same time.
Hey where else do you see this?
We need a road.  Let’s build one.
Shoot what about this tree?
Big one…hmmm.
Go around it – problem solved!
Love it!

Wish there were more stories behind each of these ruins.

Anywhere else these ruins would have been bulldozed and there would be some mega resort here – but not on St John.
Thank you!

Driving around this island it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE not to have a great time!  The roads are paved and in good shape and the views…seriously.

Can’t think of anyone with a better view from this lounge chair!

I like the way this guy thinks, house isn’t even finished and the hot tub is in!

Ok so if we weren’t already having a blast roaming the hills of St John…

We came here – Love City.

I had this fish dish which was mmm mmm good.

And the boys had this…

Which was admittedly better – omg!

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  1. Hope you both had a great Christmas even though it,s probably hard to think of it when your in that climate .Hope you decorated the boat accordingly.Keep sending the info.Looks outstanding.

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