A Guy, a dog and a cruise ship – Water Island

Just a man and his dog

When we’re able to we explore, we drop hook here, there, wherever really.
This particular day it happened to be Water Island just around the corner from Charlotte Amalie, USVI.It’s a nice mooring ball community, everyone looks out for the next guy, there’s a nice breeze and of course the cruise ship watching (I didn’t know there was such a thing) is pretty cool.

So the story behind the guy and the dog in the dinghy.
A sailboat comes in.  Grabs the mooring ball in front of us.
You notice but don’t really look (unless it’s a Moorings boat but that’s a whole other story).

We look up to see everyone on the back of the boat kind of talking excitedly.
Then a big dog starts climbing up the swim ladder coming out of the water.
My thought pattern was – wow that’s a small boat for 5 people and a big dog but whatever, sailors love their dogs.

Then we see said guy with said dog driving around in the dinghy.
Dog is standing up front wagging his tail, we assume he is going for a walk.

The guy starts driving the dog from one boat to the other.
I think – that’s really selfish he should really let the dog out to do his business before riding around visiting all his friends.

People, don’t judge.
I was judgy – none of this was actually what was transpiring.

That sailboat pulled up, grabbed a mooring ball and then a Rottweiler (not their’s) started climbing up the swim ladder.
Yes, a random swimming Rotte.  Pretty amazing actually because it’s around 30 ft deep there and quite a bit of space from one boat to the next.
That’s one lucky pup.

The guy was taking him around to see if anyone was missing their dog – so nice 🙂
Sailors – so kind hearted.

Guy came back sans dog so all is well with the world.

While at Water Island we happened to unbeknowingsly (word? I dunno & neither did spellcheck) right beside Crown Bay Marina which is a Port for Cruise ships.  I’ve seen it take 2 but there’s room for 4 (no idea how they do it).

So we’re just cleaning or swimming or whatever and we look up and blammo, there’s a cruise ship.
CR1Just comes gliding in like it ain’t no thang.
No sounds.
No waves.

It’s like living in a tent and waking up to find a condominium beside you – I was surprised…can you tell!

But what was really funny…
Was the guy in this sailboat.
He too was cleaning or puttering or something and didn’t notice the cruise ship until here:

I can only imagine what it was like to look up and see THAT 15 feet away from you and towering wayyy over you.
He stopped what he was doing at that moment, how can you not!

THEN it had to turn around, I cannot believe the area these ships can maneuver themselves around.

Here she is…Oasis of the Seas complete with:  everything!  Movie theatre, rock wall, broadway stage, 7 neighborhoods, spas, shopping, ziplines, surf simulator on and on…
CR5This is the largest ship in the Caribbean and she is mighty impressive.
Even better was seeing the sister ship Allure of the Seas in the middle of the ocean at night.
It’s like a Carnival!

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