Knot Anchored NY Style

i-love-new-yorkSome of you might be wondering, where have those 2 gone?

Well in spring things here in the islands slow down.  Yup even slower then they already are.
The weather gets a little hotter.
The anchorages get a little quieter.
Believe it or not the water gets even warmer!

The foliage erupts into a rainbow of bushy flowers all over the island, it is really something to see.

All over the world people start to awaken in their own neighborhoods.
Wandering out into the sunshine, gardening, bbqing and all things summer.
It is a very short season for many and their thoughts turn to maxing out the time they have at home.

This was a good time for us to take a break.

We left a good friend to take care of Knot Anchored while we were away.
I made notes upon notes on where everything is and how stuff works but still managed to forget things!

It’s very much like leaving a child with a new baby sitter.
This is our baby after all!

Every vacation starts with a ride to the airport.  This was our ride…behind this Mercedes lol.
I’m not sure why I’m amused by the namesake license plate but there it is on a nice ride!

I am a sucker for airports, airplanes and even airplane food.
To me it’s all gearing up to a fun time somewhere.
That somewhere was New York.

I imagine if we checked in we could have our choice of seats but we never do so we always end up here on the wing.


Tell me. Why the arrows?
As of late I question things, everything.  These arrows caught my attention.
So I asked Stevo.
You see Stevo knows where we are, how to get anywhere and foreign languages.  I ask him all the same questions he probably has.
It’s a thing I do.

He said:  The arrows are so the plane gets pointed in the right direction.

Yup.  Serves me right!

Once we arrived in NYC apparently the heat wave they were having departed.
It was cool and rainy.

Our semi convict cab driver brought us here, Buffalo Exchange.

I say semi convict because we had the privilege of overhearing his conversation regarding how he didn’t threaten to kill that guy and that yes he will come give a statement, ok…..

buff ex collage

Now we were outfitted.  In and out the door in 20 minutes.
Lots to choose from.
I could have spent a serious amount of time here but we only had two days and the clock was ticking.

All that shopping made us thirsty.  Actually the option of multiple draft beers made us thirsty.


We found this awesome medieval bar, packed on a Tuesday night!
Stevo found this fireplace and nostalgic sailing painting.

I know it’s hard to recognize him what with all those layers of clothes!

Ok I would like to put out a note to the Universe.
St Thomas USVI needs a medieval bar complete with Rogues and Wenches and massive candle laden chandeliers.
Just sayin…

New York is all about the food.
There is no shortage of places or styles.

Our dinner that night had to be PHO.

We hadn’t had Pho forever.


It was great.  This place although not much to look at had killer food and great service.
The phone never stopped ringing for take out.

Décor is not a statement on menu quality.
These places can go head to head with the trendy spots in NY.

We finished the night off at this traditional corner diner.  Sitting here I picture all the movies/tv shows that feature this kind of diner and the people meeting, planning and of course eating in them.


Did you notice the cash register?

Cash register
Now that’s kickin’ it old school!  It still works too, it’s not just a money keeper.

Picture this.
A young couple walks in, it’s 1:30am.

They sit in a booth with a red vinyl cushiony seat.
Let’s just say they had a good night and now it’s time to eat.

Girl orders a Chicken Caesar Salad.
Guy orders Eggs Benedict!
Waiter’s like ‘ok no problem’.

Not only do they have a menu with everything under the sun on it there is also no time limit as to when you can have it.

And no that wasn’t us.  We were there strictly to share a fries with home made gravy made with love. That was the end of night one.

Following day we were back at it.  Sucking up every second of spring time in New York.


Every inch of this city is inspiring.
Even empty shops.  With graffiti.

This chair is located on the street outside of a Locksmith’s shop that looks like it’s been there long before anything around it.

Who made this?


I wish I’d asked.  Look at the detail:

I’m gonna go with Someone Bored Alex for $200.
Someone with time on their hands and a bunch of old keys created this.

And this:


wall close up
I am hopeful that the next generation will find themselves bored enough to come up with something creative at some point in their lives.

There was a time when we were sent outside by our parents to amuse ourselves.
We biked, played, made forts and lay in the grass staring at the clouds.
These days we have the ability to BE amused at our fingertips 24/7.

Boredom is almost extinct.
Boredom used to be the catalyst for creativity, and ingenuity.
A chance for your imagination to wander.

Speaking of imagination, here we are in my imaginary NYC neighborhood outside of our imaginary brownstone walk up and our garden of course lol!

NYC Street collage

You never know what’s around the next corner.
We found this rare portrait:

It’s Smoking Barbie and her girlfriend Martini Barbie.
If only we had a wall to put this on – priceless!

The combination of architecture, the climbing fire escape and the tree umbrella is spectacular.
This picture does NOT do it justice.


Maybe it’s just me, but I would imagine that the NYPD Bomb Squad would be tucked away behind high gates, security and cameras.

Alas no.  It’s right there on a residential street complete with a big logo on the garage in case you missed it.

Rainbows, unicorns and ice cream?


The trifecta of happiness wouldn’t you say?

Marie’s Crisis Café.  We so wanted to go there but were in the hood to early.


The piano bar with a heart of gold at a location with deep roots read more.  Marie’s Crisis you’re on our list for next visit!

What better place to meet our friend than at the location for the ‘Friends’ TV show Central Perk Café!


Myself and 15 other strangers took pictures of this historic spot with Stevo chillin!

Here we are with the famous Loli!

Yes that’s the girl in the Anegada Whale Video!  See it here.
So nice to catch up!

Now off to China Town:


The people, traffic, architecture all smush together to make this vibrant area so cool.

Can’t miss Little Italy.

At this point we have been walking our faces off – time for a break!

And a fabulous glass of home made wine!

Made it back to the hotel for a quick snack!

On our way out of NYC we saw this bit of creative parking.


Not sure who’s going to get beat up over this disaster in the making.

Here was our must do/see Central Park!


A stunning mix of old and new.

City meets country.

What a great trip.  NYC you NEVER disappoint.
Great vibe, friendly people and so much to do and see!  We didn’t even include Times Square and the Phantom!
All in two days – wow!

This is what it means to be Knot Anchored.
This is just the beginning 🙂


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