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What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!

BBQ Expectations are high on the long weekend

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It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you plate the food!

This summer is screaming past so quickly – is it just me?

Remember the days when summer felt like an entire lifetime and you actually started looking forward to going back to school and seeing your friends?

Incidentally those were the same days that ALL the stores were closed on Sundays and that meant calling someone on the telephone which was attached to the kitchen wall and making plans to GO OUTSIDE and ride bikes or something while you stretched that twirly phone cord around the kitchen into the living room and probably around your body.

Childhood days revisited

Yes – that’s me the bald one on the left (long story).

It’s a generational thing – I may have lost some of you on the whole twirly cord thing! Continue reading


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I am going to make YOU so popular!

Canada Day and Memorial Day weekend – be it at the cottage,  camping, or your backyard today is not just a today celebration.  It’s a whole weekend filled with smells from the BBQ, laughter from outside and the odd Bloody Caesar or even beer! Continue reading

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Boat Launch – A little help from our friends!

Searching for deals online is fun.
Going to look at all these ‘deals’ is usually not unless that is you luck out! Continue reading

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Perfect Vacation in EVERY way !!!


From the time that we met SteveO and Chrissy at the Tap and Still in Red Hook, till the time we had to say goodbye with our fingernails clawing at the tramp not wanting to leave, it was the perfect vacation in every way.

SteveO and Chrissy truly do know how to make you feel welcome and at home but yet, pampering you with things you didn’t even know you desired without asking.
Knot Anchored is perfect from the lighting, themed rooms and of course a yeti that is to die for with perfectly cold beer, wine, juices, etc.
The guys would have taken the yeti home with us if they could have gotten it on the plane.

Chrissy’s awesome meals will leave you wanting for nothing and coming home to hit the treadmill.
Their knowledge of the islands and willingness to share them with you and still explore them alongside you makes for an even more exciting time with your new friends and I do mean we consider them friends.

With this being our third charter in the BVI we didn’t know if we could be awed any more than we had been already but, SteveO and Chrissy made our love for the islands that much greater.
We look forward to chartering with them again and more exciting adventures.
We highly recommend SteveO, Chrissy and Knot Anchored for either a laid back vacation with a couple of friends or with your family, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you SteveO, Chrissy and Knot Anchored for a wonderful, relaxing, exciting and PERFECT vacation

~The Ainsworth’s~
Jan 2016

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A is for Antigua and B is for Barbuda

With a new set of friends aboard and our sights set on BVI it was time to say good bye to Antigua. Continue reading

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Dirty Good Times for All!


Capella Marina in Marigot Bay a treat to ourselves. Continue reading

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Hey St Lucia Knot Anchored’s back!


It was inevitable, it had to happen, it was time to leave Bequia.
Tobago Cays and Bequia had found a solid spot in our heart’s memory.

Movin on. Continue reading

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Blue water and turtles everywhere!

Ahhh beautiful Tobago Cays, a smattering of little islands surrounded by the most brilliant blue water and oh ya TURTLES! Continue reading

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A Night Sailing we will go..

It was time to officially start the “sailing” portion of this adventure and the unknown so as creatures of habit we all found a spot on the yacht and made it comfy. Continue reading

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Farewell Beautiful Grenada


Before we got to do this and get all wild and fuzzy… Continue reading