Tobago Cays #nofilter

It was a stormy arrival to the beautiful Tobago Cays.This didn’t make it any less beautiful.

Not even a big motor yacht anchoring behind us, where we had no one, buzzing his drone over our heads didn’t wreck the sunset.

To be honest the drone didn’t bug us, they’re kind of funny.

Next morning the clouds were gone and it was all about the sunshine.


Is electric blue a recognized colour?
Cause it should be – it exists.

Wait no, it should be called Tobago Cays Blue.
None of these photo’s have been doctored – these are straight from our eyeballs to yours.

This little designated area is a turtle sanctuary.

A little spit of sand they can call their own and lay eggs on and play volleyball on and whatnot!

Here in the middle of all this beauty is this old doll.


Unloved and abandoned left to perish in paradise, her shredded garbage bags tickling the toes of the birds they’re supposed to scare away.

A perfect example of beauty by osmosis.
Take something ugly.
Put it somewhere beautiful.
It too becomes beautiful.
Beauty by osmosis.

This place is magic!

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