Carriacou Regatta 2015

This year marked the 50th annual Carriacou Regatta a week long celebration that was on it’s last day when Knot Anchored arrived.If you didn’t have a boat, you were in someone else’s boat or jet ski or water craft.

There were lots of activities along the main street and along the waterfront.

We noticed a large number of people gathering on the main dock.


Well…turned out they were waiting for this fun Regatta game.
Not sure of the official name but the goal is to get out further then anyone else on the greased pole.

Oh ya, and NOT die!

‘Mommy, why are people falling from the sky?’

Hopefully there’s a big wad of cash for the winner!
They earned it!

Strongman competition…


And lots of dancing in the street!
Everyone was getting down in this town.

This night parade of traditionally clad folks was cool.

Night mas
A great end to a great celebration in a great place!


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