Dinghy Concert – Grenada

When we were asked if we were going to the Dinghy Concert in Calivigny Cut we were like ‘hell ya we are’!Even though we had noooo idea where Calvigny Cut was or what the heck the dinghy concert was.
Once we found Calvigny we anchored the big boat and headed over to said concert.

Couldn’t quite make out what it was we were seeing…

Started to make more sense as we got closer.

This is what a dinghy concert is like:

The only person more popular than the band is this guy.

Beer Guy
The beer guy from the local Marina!  A type of thank you to all the cruisers who bring him business every day.
It was fine while he was firing the cans of beer into the crowd but then there was only bottles and the people out of reach became out of luck!

Oh well safety first right kids!


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