Grenada The Tour – What a Drag!

After the dinghy concert we decided to reward ourselves with a road trip around Grenada.We had been at the same anchorage for 3 days and were feeling good about the holding.
Lesson 1 – Never say your feeling good about the holding OUT LOUD.
More on that later!

Grenada is a big botanical garden of floral explosions and waterfalls.

Grenada’s elevations are pretty amazing too.


Looking at the size of some of these plants reminds me of the ones I used to buy back home in Canada in the supermarket, every few months, cause they’d die, cause they were sun starved!
No sun shortage here!

We do a fair bit of off-roading whenever we go exploring.
Following a goat path that had us ducking branches IN THE CAR we found this view.

Where the clouds meet the mountains ❤

It’s up there a ways!


I’m posting this picture KNOWING it doesn’t do the actual scene justice.
Kind of like when you take a picture of the moon and it turns out looking like a pin dot on your phone.


I’m posting it anyways!

These weirdly tall palm trees were visible almost all the time – wonder how old they are?


There was a fair number of interesting houses along the way.

old house

But wow how cool is this place!

We don’t always have a clear cut plan when we set out on these road trips but this time we made an effort.
The Grenada Chocolate Factory was a MUST.

This place is awesome.
There were no tours on the day we arrived but we were welcomed in anyways.

The guy who showed us around gave us the down low on the operation but the most impressive thing was how much pride he took in being a part of it.
We met the integral players of this chocolate manufacturer – this is NOT a mass production.
Did not realize it was possible to love chocolate for being more than just chocolate.
Great experience.


Down the road was the tourist version of the Grenada Chocolate Factory.
We decided to check it out.
There was Wifi.

I checked my phone.
That’s when we found out our boat was dragging…

Our good friends Mike and Rebecca had heard a confusing / funny transmission come over the VHF radio.
Went something like this:

Does anyone know Knot Anchored cause their boat is dragging.
Someone answered:  Where is the boat and what is it’s name?
The boat’s name is Knot Anchored and it’s in Calvigny Cut.
Someone answered: We know the boat’s knot anchored but what’s it’s name
The boat is aptly name Knot Anchored !

This went on for a bit and was no doubt a source of amusement to many a cruiser.
Luckily Mike got on the radio and sorted things out.
A number of cruisers rescued Knot Anchored and re-anchored her.
What a great community.


We couldn’t be farther from the boat when we got that message – helpless.
We learned our lesson.
NEVER speak aloud your confidence in an anchorage.
For 3 days we were in like Flynn nice and secure – or so we thought.

Now that we knew we were safely anchored we could enjoy the rest of our day.
What is it about churches?

This is St Patrick’s Church circa 1840.


They make you want to speak in hushed tones.

You feel so small.

So much history looming above and around you.

This particular church was along the walk to Leaper’s Hill.



As you walk past the church you end up in the cemetery.


Cemeteries this old are truly awe inspiring.
This one maybe more so than others as it leads you to Leaper’s Hill.
Now you know that whatever this Leaper’s Hill is – it CANNOT be good.

And here it is.


I think the plaque says it best.

Standing in the same spot the Caribs did brings on a flood of emotions.

You see the absolute last thing they did that day when they chose death over enslavement
There is an unmistakable vibe here.


Look at this picture again – you are looking in the direction of the infamous underwater volcano ‘Kick em Jenny’.
Unusually active this year but invisible just the same.

A remarkable place to visit.


A place where the flowers grow amongst the stones.


A place you feel as much as you see.
Beautiful and sad.


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