The BEST Roast Recipe EVER!

Here in Canada we’re into single digit mornings and evenings now.  Yup, comfort food time!This recipe looks too simple to be good.
And it’s true – it’s not good.
It’s great.
Trust me on this.

Here’s what you need:
Roast Beef  – cheaper roasts work great (blade, rib etc…) but any roast will do.
2 cans cranberry jelly
2 packets dry onion soup mix
Steak spice

That’s it.  Don’t get freaked out about the cranberry, the end result in no way tastes like cranberry.
I promise.

Here’s what you do:
Rub the roast with the steak spice.
Place fatty side up in greased crockpot.
Mix cranberry and onion mix
Pour over roast.
Cover and cook 8hrs on low or 4hrs on high.

This makes a ridiculously good gravy.
Bring the gravy to a boil in a pot
Mix some flour and cold water in a mug
Add a couple tbsps. of the hot gravy to temper the flour mixture.
Then whisk into boiling pot very slowly – this thickens up quickly!

Serve with garlic mashed or just over a thick sliced baguette – fabulous!
Save the extra gravy in the freezer to use at a later date (if there’s any leftover)!

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