See ya later Knot Anchored


This is Knot Anchored getting hauled out Clarkes Court Bay Marina in Grenada.That big green contraption on wheels in front of us is called The Hulk.

News Flash:  It’s hot in the Caribbean in the summer.
So we got out of the frying pan and decided to head back home!
Canada and the awesomeness of fall!

So The Hulk drives over your boat in the slip – actually quite impressive to see and scoops you up.

This unit is made to pick up  Super Mega Yachts.
Knot Anchored is a peanut compared to what the Hulk can lift.


But she’s our little peanut and we don’t really care about the super mega yachts do we?!

It was a very strange feeling walking away from her that day but we feel confident she’s in the best place she can be when / if hurricanes happen by.

And so are we!
Back in Toronto 🙂

Here’s a different kind of dock shot.


Fall day on the beach.


The weather has been ridiculously good.
Summer like even.


It’s starting to turn now – October 1st seemed to be the summery weather cut off.

This morning brrrr…

Oct 2nd Weather

Just loving this red nose, rosy cheeks, sweater weather!
Also the beginning of comfort food season.
Break out the crockpot people!







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