It’s closing time…

Summer time is o.v.e.r. and fall is closing down too, time to put some toys away for many a northern dweller.The last boat ride has been taken and she’s hauled out for another season.IMG_1039

ATVing is still happening.


Also a great time to take down any ‘trouble’ trees before snow and gravity do!

tree collage

Since we’re talking about trees – how EXACTLY is this tree surviving HOW!!


Not many days of cooking outdoors in a sweatshirt left.  This exact scene will however be recreated in ice huts across the great white north undoubtedly.
Hearty bunch those ice hut folks!

cookout collage

Some people empty their hot tubs for winter.
Some people say good-bye to their hot tubs and thanks for the memories.

Others, well…


Others, shut em down AND drive em away!

Either way, cold stuff’s coming, do you have somewhere warm to escape to?


If not… you could, aboard Knot Anchored!!


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