What’s not to love here?  This is where Knot Anchored plays in the cold winter months.And this, is BACON!

Knot Anchored Alarm Clock

Our guest’s have very busy days onboard Knot Anchored.
Playing in that sparkly blue water, walking through that silky sand and then there’s the salty breeze in your face all day let’s not forget that shall we?


After a long day of all that and a nice meal people are tired – good tired though.
Not my car wouldn’t start, my office is freezing and now I have to shovel the driveway tired!

Eventually everyone mosies down to their own air conditioned cabins to crawl in between the sheets, under the covers and into LaLa land.

Some people are early risers, others not so much.
Hating to see people waste a precious day of fun sleeping, we’ve had to devise different, gentle ways to rouse our sleepy friends and bring them back up to the warm Caribbean day that awaits.

Here’s three things we have found that work.

1).  Start making frosty drinks, yes it’s a little jarring at first but believe it or not people respond positively to it 🙂
Hey it’s 5:00 somewhere right!


2).  Turn off the AC – it only runs at night so eventually it does get turned off and up come the people.
Don’t worry this isn’t done at 5am!
It’s a nice gradual wake up.

3).  BACON!!  Just cook bacon.  No one can resist the smell of bacon.
Even some vegetarians like the smell of bacon – it’s irresistible 🙂

Everyone cooks bacon.
Be it on a yacht in the Caribbean, a bungalow in North Dakota, a cabin in the woods, or a condo in NYC.
Not everyone knows the bacon life hack.

I’ve seen it on Pinterest and even Facebook just never thought it worked.
Thought it would be a complete greasy mess – well it’s not.
Shown to us by a wonderful sparkly human being we love and are blessed to have as a friend, we would not have believed it if we didn’t see for ourselves.

Here you go (you can follow along the steps in the bacon pic above) and your welcome!

Spark up he oven to 350 degrees.
Line baking sheet with parchment (no it won’t set on fire or start to smoke furiously).
Place bacon flat on baking sheet in neat rows.
Bake for 30ish minutes.
Remove, drain on paper towel.

While that’s in the oven you can be making pancakes, or omelets or if it’s Sunday watching Coronation Street, whatever!
For over 20 years I have been doing double batches of bacon in the frying pan.
If only I knew then what I know now!

Happy baking bacon everyone!

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