Dear Body I’m sorry!

While everyone was having fun bbqing with libations and hor dourves this past weekend…

I was …not. 

Here’s what Stevo was up to.

Which was fun and painful at the very same time – being shoeless around a charcoal bbq is like frying bacon in a bikini in the Caribbean on a yacht.

There I was sorting out my supplements and obsessing over our drinking water supply whilst handing out my beloved Bloody Caesars in red solo cups, the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary for my US friends.

Ever considered going on a cleanse / detox or what I like to call a reset?

I NEVER did and then things just got away from me and voila all of a sudden it sounded like a good idea.

A kick start of sorts. An 8 day kick in the pants actually.

No sugar, pasta, coffee or alcohol. Boom just like that.

Today is day 4 for me so feeling pretty good. It’s a low eating day so I’m accompanied by the erratic and incredibly loud rumblings of my innards as I write this.

Day 1 was good cuz your excited and your body is like’hey what’s going on’.

Day 2 was not really good cuz your body is kinda pissed and wants some coffee. Mild head aches, sleepy but nothing drastic. Oh ya and not an eating day.

This program is designed to kick start your metabolism. That’s what attracted me to it initially. It’s a life style change. On eating days you ingest more smoothies on non eating you eat more actual veggie and protein meals. Either way your putting something in your belly 5 times a day.

Day 3 was like being at the Mandarin (ok not really) but there was almond milk and nuts and even grains oh my!  Just be excited for me I promise you it felt like a treat day!

Standing at day 4 halfway thru I do feel more energetic and just all round better.

4 more to go…and thank goodness the weekends over so I can go back to no distractions and not be surrounded by Bloody Caesars (my favorite EVER) and delicious Bbq stuff.

Stevo is hanging in there with me and has been very supportive.

I like to think the universe rewarded my will power this weekend with a huge gang of fire flies thats surrounded our camp.

My willpower also comes from my ‘before’ pictures that …aren’t pretty!

Queen Marjorie of Game of Thrones put it best when she said we all have to atone for our sins at some point ( not verbatim).

Dear body I’m sorry I filled you with delicious carb rich meals and beautiful wines for the last few years.

I should have crunched more.

I should have drank more water.

I should have ate more card sized serving of protein.

Umm scratch that. I loved every minute.

Now I shall atone.

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