What’s been happening…

So we’re back in Canada.

Hanging out up north. Noticing every little thing around us. Like this beaver chewed tree on our waterfront.

Last October this perfectly good tree got mowed down by a very, ok I’m going to say it, busy beaver. It was nothing but a stump.

Fast forward and look at that pic again. Nature said eff u beaver and started all over again. That’s nature being knot anchored. Adjusting as required to carry on.

In the 5 days since being back we’ve tucked and rolled our way towards our goal.

Get trailer to lot, thank you Ford.

Remember, we are starting at ground zero again.

Tools -we need every tool in the world and all things landscapey.  Enter  stage right the wonderful world of Home Depot.

No matter where we’ve been during our adventures we ALWAYS end up at a Home Depot. Cause let’s face it Steve loves Home Depot and I love their free internet and comfy lawn furniture displays that serve as a pop up office while we shop for boring doodads and various fittings.

And yes the Weber BBQ is a tool. A food tool. Also equipped with all the goodies to smoke some meat for hours of endless delicious fun.

Proud to say in 4 short days we got ourselves situated at the homestead.

Where we  can sit, eat smoked food and have our breath taken by sunsets like this.

There is  tons of stuff to do around here, brush to be cleared, septic, and driveways to plan, boat to consider therefore dockage. Yes people we are at ground zero here. It’s going to be a helluva ride as we build a non traditional custom home here in Northern Ontario’s cottage country!

Meanwhile back in BVI Knot Anchored the yacht is being well looked after for us by the new crew allowing us to concentrate on Knot Anchored the lot!

There you have it, what we’ve been up to.


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