Planning the Ultimate Northern Getaway


For a good 8 months now we’ve been planning on what was going to go in this space. That’s what the strings are in the above picture, an outline of our house.

It’s a unique property that for some reason (I’m going to say the Universe) was overlooked by all who came to see it.
That is until we got there. (Thank you Universe).
Looking at property’s is fun.
Imagining the sunset cocktails and peaceful morning coffee’s on a piece of property with nothing but you and your imagination on it.

Now it’s getting real.

We’re here clearing all the brush and trees off.  There are 7 piles as big as a tractor trailer’s container waiting to be chipped and taken away.
Still more to do.

This is the bottom half of our playground.

It’s equally as breathtaking on top of that bluff you see on the right.
It’s up there that the house is going.

We are now at the point where we’ve taken our ideas from here

rinG7pqiRto the next level.

Putting them on paper.

Stevo is one talented guy and the fact that he is designing this house from the ground up is reason enough for Cottage Life magazine or HGTV to sit up and take notice.


The house we’re planning isn’t the standard cottage fare you see around here.
That’s what makes this project that more exciting.

We’re taking traditional design and throwing it out the window and apparently we’re not the only ones.
There’s a few people around here colouring outside the lines of design.

Once the plans have been completed they go in for a permit.

But for now we have time to sit by the burn barrel


…and watch the sky light up as sun goes down.






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  1. Love following your journey in the north Chrissy!

    Love to you until we meet again, Juli xoxo

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