What does the UK and a Cottage Dock Have in Common?


Woke up this morning heard about the UK breaking up with the EU on CBC Radio, stepped out the door to the mini deck Stevo made in 2 minutes the day before and well, noticed the deck.

Here’s the thought process…hey they this deck works great to keep us off the dirt, nifty little deck isn’t it …hmmmm. Lets build a dock too!

Its not really an in depth conversation per se but it’s early and then there’s the whole UK business sinking in and global markets crashing and whatnot.

Just like that this guy knows how to build or fix anything except…the global markets crashing.

Here’s where we started:


That goes at the end of the dock.

Out come the hip waders and drill.


And the deck inspired dock for the non-existent boat is in!










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