Burn Barrel Basics


I think everyone knows about burn barrels, you put wood in it and watch it burn – done!There really isn’t much more to them than that but having grown up in the city I had questions.

To me they were just a thing that people had at their cottages. I visit you at your cottage and we stand around a burn barrel having a beverage, the end.

Well this land we are developing DIDN’T COME WITH A BURN BARREL!  And so my annoying barrage of questions to Stevo started.

Here’s what I found.

They’re available on Craigslist and Kijiji (Canadian version of Craigslist).  If you know a farmer they’ll probably have some or know where to get them.

Pinterest can show you ways to make a pretty burn barrel this ones pretty darn magical:

pretty burn barrel

Ours doesn’t look like that…


BUT it COULD if we so desired it to – which we don’t at the moment.

She’s not pretty but she is functional.  We lucked upon her on our drive up here from the city at PFW Country Store an awesome place for all your up north needs from muck boots to furniture.

This burn barrel came with holes in it which you need for ventilation.  But what you really need is gashes to really get things rolling.  Best way to achieve these gashes is to get the barrel good and hot and then just graze it with the axe – not a direct hit.

Those were pretty much all my questions, it is after all a burn barrel people lol!

Within 1/2hr of getting things rolling a truck pulled right into our camp.  Which was weird cause we don’t really know anyone up here.
Knock knock – Fire Marshall


Anyways there’s rules apparently.
Only burning to be between 7pm and 7am.
Fire must have space (can’t remember what he said around it).
Fire source needs to be covered by a 5 mil grate which will basically smother your fire.

So those are fun facts!  Then there was one more thing…
You can have a fire if you’re cooking.  YES!

And so we did 🙂


There’s a grate and there’s some food BOOM!



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