A girl walks into a Tim Horton’s…

Is there anything more Canadian than standing in a Tim Horton’s on Canada Day morning?  I think not.


There I was, picking up a coffee and a cruller for Stevo, just like everyone else in line, except they’re not on a cleanse so there’s that…
Surrounded by the lively chit chat of everyone exchanging stories on how they took a short cut or they left at 4am and wow is this line ever long!

The menu caught my attention – is there anything in the world I could have here other than a water bottle or black coffee/tea?
Short answer – sort of.
There were 3 things on the very busy menu board at the bottom – framed in green.
I swear I have never noticed them there before 3 Things under 350 calories – YAY!

Greek yogurt parfait
with fruit (no dairy for me & lactose intolerant in my oldness)
Oatmeal with toppings (not bad but def no toppings, I prefer steal cut oats.  There isn’t THAT much difference but check this out for the down low Steel Cut vs Rolled.
English Muffin egg sandwich – Egg goodEnglish muffin gluten avoiding that at this time.

So kudos to you Tim Hortons for telling your fans there are healthier options to be made.  Here’s some great options for your next visit. Healthy Timmy’s.

Here’s what I’m learning as I go through this cleanse process, this is the main thing I am taking away , up to this point.

Food is fuel.
Not a reward.
Not a ritual.
Fuel for your body.

Tim Horton’s has healthy items to choose from but people are, for the most part, not choosing them.
I was the same way, my thought process was I can have healthy at home I can’t have a French Cruller or I’m going to treat myself.
Treating yourself is fine, I encourage it we are, after all, worth it non?
Just make sure that that treat is made consciously – it’s like a legal agreement between you and let’s say an Ice Capp.

‘I [insert name] enter into a binding agreement by drinking said {small Ice Capp} accept the 6 tsp of sugar, 1/4 of my daily calories (based on a 2,000 calorie diet) and promise not to bitch and whine about my thighs and mid-section at any time in the foreseeable future or blame Tim Horton’s for anything, ever.

We are not doing that.
That’s why people are making a gazillion dollars off of cleanse programs.
It’s in response to our decision to go willingly to LaLa land and ignore what we’re putting in our faces.
It’s true and you know it, my face is also guilty.

Just like Cersei from Game of Thrones I am doing my walk of shame  at restaurant’s, coffee shops and grocery stores everywhere.

walk of shame

Unlike Cersei, I mean it lol.

I believe the next big thing you will see in menu’s everywhere is Paleo options.
Ok I hope…

#health #foodisfuel



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