I am going to make YOU so popular Party Shrimp!

Canada Day and Memorial Day weekend – be it at the cottage,  camping, or your backyard today is not just a today celebration.  It’s a whole weekend filled with smells from the BBQ, laughter from outside and the odd Bloody Caesar or even beer!US-and-Canada-flag-puzzle

For those hosting a get together it’s all about building out the menu.  Depending on your energy level and desire, all you folks out there googling your faces off for grilling ideas, outdoor cookout meals and the like STOP I sympathize, and I’m here to help.

You always want to up your game with at least one dish, really wow people and make it feel like a celebration.

Here’s the game changer, Party Shrimp.
It’s easy,  and stupid good.

As a yacht chef, I have a lot of recipes, for anything and basically everything.
Not all recipes are created equal, not all recipes are considered a ‘go to’.
This one is.

IMG_2072And it’s pretty.

Here’s the recipe.

2lb bag of frozen Easy Peel Shrimp
3 TSP brown sugar and lemon juice
4 chopped garlic cloves
1 tsp of each Paprika, Italian Seasoning and Basil (or 3 tsp of Old Bay Seasoning)
Pinch of ground pepper

Put everything in a big Ziploc baggie and squish it all about,  marinate overnight or just a couple hours.

Evenly lay out the shrimpies on a baking sheet and broil em up til they’re crispy.
Keep turning them – don’t leave them they finish up fast.

OR do them on the BBQ

That’s it.
Serve with a cocktail sauce and a chilled white wine.
And napkins – LOTS of napkins!

See how happy these people are:


They’re eating the Party Shrimp.
Ok so they’re on a yacht (Knot Anchored) in the Caribbean but it’s the Party Shrimp that’s really pulling out the stops!


I’ve had people cheer when they saw this come out.
So you’re welcome, and Happy Canada / Memorial Day weekend to y’all!




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