Euro Tour – Krakow

McDonalds in warsaw train station

Today was so exciting for me.  Not only because we found this ultra chic McDonalds to hang out in at the Warsaw train station but because we were taking the Eurail!Seriously though, that does NOT look like any McDonalds I have ever seen!  Fresh flowers, comfy leather seats – impressive.

We were heading to Krakow today and as thrilling as that was, I was all about the train.

Since I was a teenager it has been my dream to ride the rails exploring Europe.  I have looked up rates, planned routes but never done it.
It was finally happening 30 years later!

Eurail to Krakow

The tour company took care of booking our hotels and rail.  This is what a premium seat looks like and me, smiling in it!

It was an enjoyable 3hr ride.  Great way to see the countryside and get some work done.

Our hotel in Krakow was awesome.  Looked like an old apartment building from the outside but was ultra modern Ikea style inside AND we were upgraded to a suite.

This meant we had WAY more places to spread our clothes over, cause we really don’t spend much time in any hotel rooms.
If this was 30 years ago we would have been in a hostel (which I researched back in the day at great lengths) but alas that time has passed.

Headed straight to Stare Miasto (Old Town).  Same idea as Warsaw but not rebuilt due to the bombing of WWI.  Or so we thought…

Chopin Resto in Krakow, wine glass

Stare Miasto (Old Town) here was larger and more open in the middle.  The Restos umbrellas hugged the outskirts leaving a beautiful view of people enjoying the day.

This place was an unreal.
This was what you picture Europe as.

Horse and buggy Stare Miasto Krakow

Where you drink wine, walk on cobblestone streets and have violinists follow you around.

A place where flower stands are everywhere and you see locals buying them up because that’s just what you do here.

flower stand, krakow

Kids are out drag racing there scooters.

Check out all the architecture.


A place where waffles hang from the ceilings of bakery’s…

Bakery, waffles, Krakow

Sounds like a Beatles tune.

There’s gitchy salesy things going on too – this Paul and Shark is a big Yacht Outfitters all over Europe.  Looked in the window, didn’t see any Yacht gear maybe more Yachtie gear?  I don’t know.

Paul and Shark Krakow

On a side note , we noticed some women in Warsaw and Krakow wandering around with open umbrellas – sky was clear.
I was like, maybe it’s European thing?  Actually didn’t notice them enough to start a conversation.
We figured it out, they are selling tickets to Gentlemen Club’s – pounding the pavement, umbrellas in hand, it’s a hard knock life for sure.

This is me with a giant head on it’s side and a guy talking on his phone…


That’s right, here on Knot Anchored we cover all the hard hitting cultural historical facts.

Guys head lying on it’s side – look it up!

The reason I mention this is because it’s in front of this tower:


See people below, sitting under umbrellas enjoying a cool beverage and the view?
We’re not there.

We felt the need to experience the view from the top of this tower, cause we’re so athletic and what not.

So up we went.


That’s 7 of the 1′ high steps out of 300 we climbed.

This room may seem, at first glance, not so interesting with it’s headless period clothing display.

I personally loved it because it gave me a reason to STOP climbing.
Stevo looked for one second and moved on.
I like to think that I really took in the scene.
I like climb as much as I like to …hike.
Not so much.
That said, this wine wasn’t going to burn itself off is it?


Made it!

This was the reward:


And this:


It is a beautiful view from up top – no doubt the pics don’t do it justice.

There was another reward!


Going down… 🙂






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