Going to Morocco!

Back at her.  Been hanging around St Thomas enjoying the palm trees, good friends and wild chickens for a bit now.  Today we head off for the unknown, MoroccoYou would think that packing for a trip from a warm place to a cold place when you actually don’t have your own place anywhere would be easy.
Alas no.
What it does do however is make you realize what the MOST important things are in your material world.
I am a huge fan of the Biaggi Zip sack.  It’s sits all nice and square like, there’s a nice spot for your laptop and I love it.
It is filled with all my ‘can’t afford mentally to have this lost on a plane’.
It’s kind of like looking into your psyche or something.

Not sure what this says about me…

My Zip Sack contains:
– ALL my bras (when you have good ones you are NOT taking any chances with them)
– Laptop, kindle, ipod and every charging device we have in our possession
– Socks for the plane (not taking a chance with the Birkenstock’s getting lost don’t even care we’re going to a winter place.  They are the BEST shoes I have ever had and I will trudge through the winter tundra to ensure their spot in my world on my feet.
– Notebooks, cause I take notes, I’m a writer and as things happen it’s still easier to whip out my notebook and scribble then unlock my device, open an app and start single digit typing my heart out.  At that point the inspiration is lost cause I checked in on Instagram real quick and ya.
– My winter coat.  It’s super squishy and it will keep me semi warm as all the heat I do have will be exiting via my feet.  I’m ok with that.
– Eyeliner, so I don’t look like the Walking Dead as we embark on this 22 hour journey.
– Purell, wet wipes, toothbrush.
That’s it everything else can be bought if need be.

We have one checked bag.
All of my crap in there.
Will it make it all the way from St Thomas to Boston, Boston to Lisbon and Lisbon to Tangiers?
Hmmm I’m saying nothing so as not to jinx anything.
Thinking good thoughts, lots of good thoughts…

We have an apartment rented in Tangiers on the water we got off VRBO.
We’re excited.  The Customs agents at the airport are excited for US!
Love feeling this sense of helpless jumping off the cliff feeling as we dive into the unknown.
Here’s what’s going through my head:
– Do I have to wear a head scarf?
– Should I wear a head scarf?
– Are my clothes ok, is my neckline to low are my jeans to tight omg I don’t want to offend anyone.
– Are there camels in the streets.
– What hand am I supposed to shake hands with?
– Is there wine? Take home kind of wine?
– What happens at Christmas there?
– Grocery store….sooo many questions on this, can’t wait to see it.
– Do I have to barter?  I suck at bartering.
– I’ll get Stevo to barter.
– Will our plug adaptor be right?

I asked Stevo what he has going through his head.
Nothing.  Apparently going to Morocco ain’t no thang to him.
‘Just let it play out’.

So here we go.
#wandering #playalong



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