Likes long walks on the beach, good coffee and hanging out – Tangiers Morocco

What’s there to do in Tangiers?  Walk, explore, learn, eat repeat!


Each day we’d head out with the goal of getting in the sunshine, walking the beach and finding ketchup. Just kidding!
I just wanted a reason to post that picture 🙂

Sometimes we would fit in a quick visit to our local cell provider to get some minutes.  Never really had an EXACT destination in mind which is not like us at all.

Normally we hit a city and just devour every inch.  This time we had the luxury of time.
Having time when travelling is a lot like having a big purse.
It’s there, so you’re going to fill it.
Sometimes with really important relevant things, other times, just stuff

At the one end of the beach a new marina is being built.img_6855It’s massive and when done, will be really impressive.

Here’s a mock up.img_6857World class undertaking.

Right across the street is the Medina.
It’s the old town of Tangiers and it grabbed us by the heart and pulled us in from the very first visit.

The architecture is incredible and profound.  Stevo had an immediate fascination for the the doors.img_6825

The Medina is enclosed by an impressive 15th century Portuguese wall.  Trying to imagine how they built this town back then is mind blowing.

But they did it and you know what…it’s still standing.
They don’t make them like this anymore

Our first stop was always the Petit Socco.

Goal:  sit with a glass of mint tea or a cappuccino watching everyone going about their business, and maybe catching the mesmerizing call to prayer come over the hum of the market.

This was not choreographed.
There was no pre-made package deal.
This is real life here and we were fortunate enough to observe or participate unscripted.
Pure magic.

Our favorite place, Grand Central Café, is right next to the famous café Tingis where rock stars, poets and artists would hang out back in the day.

cafe tingis, Tangiers, Morocco

The Petit Socco is the square that encompasses this part of the market.
Not so much a square as it is an area and dead end to anything bigger than a 3 wheel motorcycle as this Porsche discovered.
Historically, it was here where drugs, and prostitution deals of all sorts were arranged.
Now, not so much.
Actually not at all.

The only dealer we ever saw there was this guy.img_7094

Located directly across the street from our café.
The candy dealer!
Little kids would yell out a squeaky request putting their hand up as high as they could to reach the counter top and the exchange would be made.

This was the most popular store in the square, maybe even the medina – bar none.




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