knot anchored

What happens when a couple sells everything in search of the next adventure…we're still finding out!

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It’s the weekend! Come wander around Tangiers with us


Everyone has time for wandering on the weekends.  At least they should…
Come for a walk with us through Tangiers, Morocco and we’ll show you some cool stuff! Continue reading


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Likes long walks on the beach, good coffee and hanging out – Tangiers Morocco

What’s there to do in Tangiers?  Walk, explore, learn, eat repeat!


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This is our Tangiers Morocco

Our Tangiers experience was based from the VRBO apartment we acquired online.  A wonderful home base for 5 beautiful weeks in Tangiers.

It was a modern comfortable 2 bedroom apartment (cause we always have room for friends and family) right on the waterfront.


This is the view from our 4th floor balcony.  Yes those are camels!

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Hummus, booze and bread oh my!

Morocco is actually a drop dead gorgeous place.

Glamorously historic now, wow what a place this must have been back in the day huh?  The days when eccentrics, writers, rock stars and outcasts all hung out together in the Medina on colorful hand woven rugs and did drugs or drank tea getting all inspired. Continue reading

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Now we are here.

Our flight to Morocco involved 3 plane changes and although that sounds painful upon reflection I would say it was very pleasant the whole way through. Continue reading

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Going to Morocco!

Back at her.  Been hanging around St Thomas enjoying the palm trees, good friends and wild chickens for a bit now.  Today we head off for the unknown, Morocco Continue reading

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Chasing down a dream

Ever look back on your life and accomplishments and think  ‘Wow, if that one thing hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be where I am today’.

One little seemingly uninteresting non life shattering event can change the direction your life takes.
It’s kind of mind blowing actually. Continue reading