Lisbon’s Santa Justa lift

Lisbon is beautiful and artistic.  Here’s a bit more of what you get to see while you’re there.
Sometimes we’re like lemmings.  Our wandering is so random that it’s actually the selfie stick crowds that often alert us to ‘places of interest’ a la guide books.
This is the Santa Just lift.


Everywhere you look it’s old, old, old and then you see this beauty.
Looks modern AND old.
The Santa Justa lift gets people from the lower streets of Lisbon to the higher ones with little to no risk of cardiac failure.
Lisbon is a work out.
Please, if nowhere else, where comfortable shoes here!

Weird thing.
We’d see the line ups for the lift and watch it go up filled with people.
Never saw it come down.
Guess when this lift was conceptualized.  Seriously.
Don’t scroll down.


Answer is…1874! Read more here.

Stevo was fascinated by this.
I on the other hand, whilst waiting, found a great all you can eat sushi restaurant right next to Santa Justa.

The mechanics of this lift are amazing as is the design.
I don’t think anything was allowed to be built here unless it had artistic flair.
Here’s what it looks like at the top.


We did not opt to take said lift because our impatience to wait in line for ANYTHING is zero and actually found the top by accident as well, go figure.

As with anything adaptation is key.
Mixing old architecture with new technology.


To say this is a great vantage point is well, a given.

We saw this church from here.


To give you an idea on the sheer size of this place consider this, those plants are as tall as we are.
It is just MASSIVE and absolutely beautiful.


Churches are always the most imposing structures in these old cities.


The details are incredible.
Here’s some more old with new.


Why not right?
Grab a beverage and go sit in the sun overlooking the rooftops.

Speaking of beverages Port wine is THE thing here in Portugal.


It’s a sweet fortified wine best complimented with dark chocolate, figs and sharp cheese.
It’s an event.

It’s also a great thing to bring to a get together or dinner party.
Wine is fine but Port, prosciutto, cheese and grapes sprinkled with course pepper served on a wood cutting board really sets you apart as the rockstar guest you are!
We love Port.

If you haven’t, give it a try.
After all it is the weekend?
…your birthday?
…a day that ends in y?


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