Lisbon – the bucket list place you didn’t know you had

This would be the ULTIMATE way to travel around Portugal. 

Actually that would be a great way to travel around anywhere!
Unless you park in the wrong spot…

They do NOT mess around with little yellow papers tucked pleasantly under your windshield here – NOPE!
Sure go ahead take the car but you are not taking this wheel  – like ever!

Lisbon is best seen by your legs. The terrain is cliff like.
Sometimes (usually after lunch) you look at the climb ahead of you and just think ‘oh HELL no’!
That’s exactly why they built this tram:

It just goes up and down with it’s one destination (top of the hill) in view.

People just love this tram.
Once you reach the top there’s always a group of people waiting to have their picture taken with it.
We walked this hill a few times simply because it was the shortest distance between us and our apartment.
Not.  Fun.
I’m happy to say we didn’t have the elderly passing us (ok me) like that hash in Grenada which I am still waking up screaming from.

That said, Oh the Sights you will See (Dr Seuss).

Lisbon is a magical mix between contemporary and beautifully antique.

Little doors – what’s behind these little doors!
Something fantastical no doubt.

The people here are all smiley and helpful and Lisbon has something around every corner for your enjoyment.
We came across this on one of our wanderings, a large showroom of SMEG’s!

SMEG’s are designer fridges.  BRILLIANT right?
We all have them yet no one has ever jazzed them up…until now.
The one above is by a designer that escapes me right now but he’s along the lines of Chanel, I think he has a perfume too.

Which SMEG are you?
Jean SMEG.
Gold SMEG with diamond lettering.

To say these SMEG’s captivated us is completely accurate.
North America needs SMEG’s only they need to be rebranded as not SMEG which is not the sexiest of names but does spell gems backwards so…

Ok, enough with the kitchen appliances (and trust me they have more).
Check out SMEG here.
Your legs can only take you so far.

Yes, this place exists, magical isn’t it?

Here’s how the transit system works.  You buy a reloadable metro pass.
It costs 50 cents.
It’s like a business card but somehow it’s reloadable??!
No barcode, no obvious thingy that says ‘I’m reloadable’.
But you can, as much as you want.
24 hrs unltd costs $6.15. Now our experience with the bus system went like this
‘Are you going that way’ whilst pointing finger.

Never really got the whole bus thing down. The subway on the other hand is a joy!

Here’s the map:

This is what the subways look like:


Not sure if this interesting to anyone but now when you go to Lisbon the underground will not be intimidating.
Each station is beautiful in its own way.

End of day here in Lisbon has many possibilities.
These are the ones we liked the best:

Head down the tram way (downhill is WAY funner) to the most awesome Restaurant Tavern / Antique Dealer / Cave and sit in a crackly yet butter soft leather chair and people watch.

Or ponder life.

Look at the arm of that chair, awesome!

Head over to converted perfumery factory of Madame Petisca’s cool Boutique Hotel / Roof Top resto.


Grab a front row seat to that ball of fire hitting the horizon.

A glass of rose perhaps.

Or a jug – potatoe potahto!

A 2 min walk from Madame Petisca’s and your at a gathering spot of mainly students but not exclusively. img_7176

Grab a bottle of wine or a jug of beer from the corner store for 3 euros and watch the show.

Or a personal favorite no matter where we are, head to your local Irish Pub for some live music.
Well looky here it’s an Irish Pub in Portugal singing Jamaica’s Bob Marley – just what we were hoping for 😉

We know you’ll enjoy all of Lisbon be it by tram, your limbs or the metro!
If it wasn’t before, maybe consider adding Lisbon to your bucket list.

Lisbon – big love going out to you from Knot Anchored ❤

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