Paris – Art is in the eye of the beholder

Leonard De Vinci

Mona Lisa = Paris am I right?  Leonard (where’d the o go?) is the dude.
It comes down to this moment.
Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
Must see.Happy to say a resounding YES we did see and we were at the front of the barricade which is a huge deal because during high season…that’s not gonna happen without getting poked in the eye with a selfie stick!

Mona Lisa at the Louvre

Why did I think she would be so much bigger?
Fun Facts:
Did you know she has her very own room?
In the past there have been people who have actually killed themselves over this painting.
Someone threw acid on her once but they fixed her up.
*Disclaimer – these facts are all loosely based on my memory

Listen, Mona Lisa is awesome.
She’s awesome because everyone has said she is.
If I knew NOTHING about her or never heard of her I would not buy this painting at a garage sale…there, I said it, but I’m not an artsy person.
Look. At. This.
This pic isn’t as clear as I would have liked but wow.  The details, her eyes, it’s insanely photographic.
HOW do you paint something like this – seriously.
Here’s the thing – no one knows who she is.
She easily could have been Mona Lisa famous but here she sits in the hallway with all the other Da Vinci’s – no private room for her.
Great example of perception, perception of worth and value.
I won’t dwell.

Moving on to The Last Supper…

The Last Supper

See the guys hat, attached to his head and body at the bottom?
Ya well he’s standing within touch length of this iconic painting.
This seems crazy to me.
Shouldn’t it be protected?  Where’s the barricade?!
Anyways, we had some time to really look this over and as expected – I have no attention to detail when it comes to art.

Here’s what I see: 

It’s a celebration of sort, lots of food, a band but wait there’s also weird unidentified beings crawling out from under the table and random people hanging from between the pillars.
Cat’s rolling around and dogs here and there.

Here’s what the experts see:
A serving of fish – which they think is a weird dinner selection apparently.
A salt shaker on its side in  front of Judas – bad luck apparently.

Sorry I can’t even see their plates let alone what’s on them let alone a salt shaker!
Either way I am appreciative of the gravity of this painting in all it’s complexities.

Other’s, who lean more towards the fashion side of life may perceive these incredible Chanel shoes as art.
Quite frankly I would have to agree with them – wowza!


Pretty sure if you’re buying these you know where to wear them.
I, alas, do not.

There’s some people who would consider these beauties art…


Who can argue really – pretty expensive, snazzy cars parked out front of the Buddha Bar in Paris.
Yes, please someone watch me get into one of these cars.
No, I don’t know the owners so that may cause an awkward situation lol!!

Now for me this is getting closer to my version of art.
Paris has amazing street markets with every vendor imaginable as far as the eye can see.


People just trying to make a living selling their goods.
A true farm to table scenario.


The vendors displays are Instagram worthy for sure!


Anything you want, its here.
Socks – yup.
Pierogi – definitely.
A weird yet strangely beautiful vegetable..


They have that too.

We left Paris with a full heart and a bagful of inspiration.
Not. Enough. Time!








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